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My favorite quote of the year (from www.galadarling.com) :

Happy New Year Rebel Crafters! I know its just a number, but for some reason I love a New Year! Its like a mental clean slate. I love writing down new goals and dreams for the year. I enjoyed these tips from Gala Darling's blog: http://galadarling.com/article/10-fantastic-ways-to-get-ready-for-2012. Especially the one about making one major change to your appearance in 2012. I am thinking on that one. What will I change? Maybe my hair color. I am also feeling recharged artistically. I have a list of interesting projects to start in 2012! In the meantime I am going to jump on the craft blog bandwagon theme of posting the top ten most viewed projects of the year. The funny thing is we are a newborn blog. Thats right, I got my feet wet in September. I feel like October was my first full month of true blogging. So many of these projects will be very recent since I only have a few months of projects. What was my favorite craft of 2011? It was the iPhone cover, which coincidentally was my top viewed project. I like it because my phone and I are inseparable so it is always out to see. I look forward to new projects in a new year!

My Top 10 Most Viewed Tutorials :

Have a fabulous New Year! See you back in 2012!


The Rebel Crafter

Easy Paperwhite Gift

This week I am on vacation (at home) so I am posting very quick and easy projects. Since paperwhite bulbs are on sale now I thought they would make a fun hostess gift for january. A box will have 4-6 bulbs depending on the size. All you need to create a quick gift is a nice teacup or container. I found the teacups at the Goodwill store for .50 a piece. I also saw that Michael's has their holiday mercury glass votives at half off (they would also make pretty and inexpensive containers). Use the potting mix provided. A teacup will hold one to two bulbs. I added a little moss on top (you can pick up a bag at the dollar store). The bulbs will be blooming in a few weeks so you could also wait until then to bag them up. I just popped them into a clear bag and tied with a ribbon. I think they will look very cute when they are blooming!


The Rebel Crafter

"Today is a Gift" 5"x7" Printable

As promised I am posting some "quickie" projects this week. I liked this quote so I created it for printing. Time is precious, so I wanted a reminder sitting on my desk to live for today. I hear people say "if I work really hard now it will pay off because I can spend more time with my kids down the road". But sadly they won't be kids down the road. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?, so we gotta live for today. If you would like to print this out for yourself just click on the links. I saved it for a 5"x7" frame and I made it in both red and pink.

Check back soon for a new tutorial.


The Rebel Crafter

Weekend Web Finds

Happy Holidays Rebel Crafters! No matter how you celebrated, I hope you had fun! I have been enjoying some nice R & R with my family. This week I am pretty much taking it easy, but I'll still post a couple of quick projects. I am looking forward to being recharged for 2012! In the meantime here are my weekend web finds. Just click on the link to get the how to's.

 Cool baby gift, especially if the Mom or Dad is into a specific band.

Tutorial to make your own sewing, or knitting labels.

Oooh gotta love these socks!

A great idea for keeping your cards. Add some festive ribbon to the rings.

Another great idea for popcorn tins! Love the type style.

This is actually for sale on Etsy, but I think I need to make one!

I am a little obsessed with putting things in jars right now! Amazing list of great ideas!

Check back soon for our newest tutorial.


The Rebel Crafter

Easy Branch Dangles

I am pretty picky about handmade jewelry. I want the project to be easy to make, but be very wearable. I saw a pair of earrings like these on Pinterest and knew I could easily recreate them. Unfortunately no link was available to give credit to for the design idea. The pattern is really catching on though as I just saw a tutorial in a magazine for these. All you have to do to make them is be able to make a loop at the end of a head pin. That is it! You can whip out a bunch of these earrings in one evening and have them on hand for nice little gifts. 

For this Project You will need:

8 Earring Flat Head Pins

One Pair of Earring Wires

8 Beads (I used all the same bead, but you can mix for a different look)

A pair of Jewelry pliers and Wire snips (my pliers have wire snips built in)

Decide how long you would like the dangles then cut off equal length off each head pin. For example the silver beaded earrings I cut off about 1/2". For the crystal beads I cut off about 1".

I cut one head pin then lined it up with the next one to cut instead of measuring and marking. You could also mark the spot on the head pin with a marker.

Add beads to each head pin.

Make a loop at the end of one head pin by bending the wire to one side then rolling the pliers up and outward and back to close.

There are many tutorials on how to make the loop, here is any easy one to watch on youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6Hvs39RpsY

Now slide the looped headpin through one of the headpins.

Make a loop at the end of the new second headpin.

Slide the second headpin through the another headpin.

Make a loop at the end of the third headpin and slide over the 4th headpin.

Put the other end of the fourth headpin through the earring wire and close a loop to attach it to the earring.  Now just repeat for the second earring. 

Try using different beads to vary the look do 3 or 5 dangles instead of 4.

Make a card for your earrings by cutting a piece of cardstock approximately 3" wide by 6" long. Fold the pattern side over and secure with a tape runner. Poke two holes at the top for the earrings. Attach some ribbon or a flower.

Happy Holidays!


The Rebel Crafter

Rock Your Purse

If you have already "Rocked your iPhone", then you need to make a purse to match. The concept is exactly the same. You will need a plastic or metal surface to work on (rubbery surfaces do not work well with the glue). I found this little vintage style purse at Goodwill. The surface is hard vinyl. Look for similar type cases to use. Small plastic or metal make up cases, or train cases would be perfect. I would compare this project to knitting, cross stitch, or a puzzle. It will take you some time to complete (took about 3 times the iPhone case), but it is very easy to do. Even my 8 year old Daughter worked on it. In many ways this is most like doing a puzzle. It is fairly mindless work, requires your eye to pick out the right sized gems to fit into your working area, and is very satisfying when you are done. Plus it is a project that you can show off. Since using my iPhone cases I love when someone says "cool phone case" and I can proudly say "thanks I made it!" I am looking forward to seeing the response I get from the purse. I am just trying to decide what to bling next?....wallet, shoes, belt buckle?....we shall see!

For This Project You Will Need:

Hard Surface Purse (look at metal or plastic make up boxes, and train cases for example)

Flat Back Gems (You will need a lot of gems so buy the large wheel of gems $2.99 or the box of gems $4.99 at Michaels, or buy a bulk bag of gems off Etsy under "supplies".

Cabochons- I use all types of items for my big bling. I like the "Princess Gems" in the kid craft area. I also used buttons with the shanks removed, and adhesive "bling" stickers with the sticker backs removed. Look up "cabochons" in the "supplies" section of Etsy for 1000's of choices. I purchased the gem skulls and the large plastic roses on Etsy.

Gem Pick Up Tool 

E6000 Glue (use a fresh tube so the glue is easy to work with)


REFER to Rock Your iPhone Project to get started as it is the exact same concept.

Glue down all of your large cabochons to the top of your purse. Make sure you like the placement before drying. If they dry and you change your mind you can pry a gem off with a flat sharp knife.

Continue gluing all of your large cabochons over the purse. Again decide if you like the look before they dry. I decided to switch the lavender skull for a black one for example.

OK now the fill in starts. Put on your headphones and zone out while adding the small gems.  Take a toothpick and spread out about 1" of glue onto the surface. Don't do more than 2" or 3"or the glue will dry too quickly.

Use your gem pick up tool to pick up and stick gems onto the glue.

Fill in the glue area and then take a look to make sure you like everything before moving on to another 1"or 2" area.

Continue on until your entire purse is covered to your liking.

I rotate small and big gems but that is up to you. You could use all the same size gems as well. Make it your own.

Once completed give your purse a good polish with a slightly damp cloth with water or windex. This will get off any glue strings and wax pencil that stuck to the gems. It will also make sure all of your gems were glued down securely. In case a gem pops off you can touch up.

Happy Holidays!


The Rebel Crafter

Shoe Lover Note Card Set

If you know a shoe lover then it is not too late to make them a boxed set of our "Shoe Lover Note Cards" as a great handmade gift. This project is a perfect use for all those extra scraps of decorative paper, and fun embellishments you have stashed away. For this set I put the embellishments on the straps, however putting them on the toes looks cute too. You will refer to our project "Uptown Witch Shoe Cards" for the cutting instructions. Then just follow the step by step assembly below and you will be making pairs of shoe cards in no time flat. Consider customizing each card with a stamped saying. I would love a box of shoe cards, wouldn't you?

You will need:

Blank Folded Cards (I purchase sets from Michael's that come with envelopes)

Decorative Paper

Black Card Stock

Embellishments (brads, buttons, stick on gems, bows etc.)

Tape Runner

Glue Dots (optional) for attaching embellishments

Refer to "Uptown Witch Shoe Card Project" for shoe shapes cutting info. 

Make a shoe base and insole template out of cardstock. Use the template to cut around the shoe pieces.

Cut two shoe bases and attach to your blank note card.

Cut two insoles. For this shoe I rounded the one end of the insole forward. 

Attach to the shoe insole with tape runner.

Cut out two straps and attach with tape runner or glue dots.

Choose two embellishments and glue dot to the strap or the toe of the shoe.

Make a set of 4 or 6 note cards in various patterned paper and box for gift giving. XpedX or Clearbags.com have great inexpensive note card boxes. Or tie your card set with a beautiful bow.

Have some fun and make seasonal shoes. Use holly, candy , or wreath stickers for the embellishments. Consider making a "4 Seasons" set of shoe cards. 

Check back soon for a rockin' accessory project.


The Rebel Crafter


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