Egg Topiary Repost

Since Easter is not far off, I thought I would repost my Egg Topiary project. I have seen many nice looking faux eggs at the craft stores, so you can possibly skip painting the plastic eggs!

I am continuing the egg theme from the last post with an egg topiary. My inspiration comes from an egg topiary featured in the Williams and Sonoma Spring catalog. I really liked the look of the topiary and wanted to create my own version of it. I found the faux eggs at Hobby Lobby, however they only came in a pastel mix so I painted them blue. This is a step you can easily skip if you would rather have a pastel egg topiary. If you can find faux natural or blue eggs even better so you do not have to bother painting. You can easily create this topiary and have it out all Spring to enjoy.

For this project you will need:

Styrofoam Florists Cone (mine is from Michael's sized 98mmx301mm)

Faux Eggs-small and regular sized eggs (I purchased mine from Hobby Lobby, I used 2 small packs of regular sized eggs, and 2 small bags of small eggs)

Moss (I picked up my bag at Dollar Tee)

Hot Glue Gun

Container or flower pot for the topiary

If you would like to paint your eggs you will need:

Acrylic paint in Light Blue/aqua (I used Folk Art brand Sky Blue) 

Acrylic paint in Brown.

Paint brush (small and regular)

To start decide if you would like your eggs the color they are, or if you would like to paint them blue. 

If you would like them blue like mine, lay them on one side or prop in a container and paint one side at a time with the blue paint and regular sized brush.

Let Dry before flipping and painting the other side.

To create the speckles mix some brown acrylic paint with water so the paint is thin a drippy. 

Dab some brown paint onto your small paint brush. Make sure you are working outside or an area where paint can splatter (or cover the area well with paper towels). Holding the brush about a foot and a half over the eggs take your free hand and firmly tap on your hand holding the paint brush to create a spray of speckles onto the eggs.

If you get too big of a brown paint blob just paint over it in blue when dry.

Create the Topiary:

Start by removing approximately 2" of the top of the florist cone so that it isn't so pointy. You can use a knife to slice the tip off.

Hot glue one of the regular sized eggs onto the top of the cone. The glue takes a minute to set so hold onto the egg until it stays put.

Then start hot gluing a couple rows of the smaller eggs near the top of the topiary. Place them randomly with space in between them. 

Continue attaching eggs down the topiary again randomly gluing regular sized ones with some small ones in between. 

Don't glue the eggs too tightly together as we will be filling the gaps with moss.

Once completed gluing all your eggs on the topiary start to fill the gaps with moss.

Make sure you put your topiary on a piece of newspaper or paper towel as the moss is messy.

Fill in a gap between the eggs with hot glue.

Immediately push a small clump of moss into the hot glue and use the back of a paint brush or a stick to press the moss firmly into the hot glue.

Fill in all the gaps with moss and put your topiary into a pot of your choice. If you see any brown paint spots you don't like just touch them up with blue paint.

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The Rebel Crafter

St Partick's Day Free Printables

With Valentine's Day over you might be looking for some St. Patricks Day Printables to spruce up your frames, and treats!


The Rebel Crafter

Personalized Stationery Giveaway

To kick off Punkprep's grand opening of their ETSY Party Printables shop we will be giving away one Personalized Note Card design of your choice. Punkypreps concept is simple. By sending your personalized design right to your email as a high quality PDF you can print from home as often, and as many of the card you want, making it super affordable! This is especially great for those times you need a lot of thank you cards. Plus no shipping costs! Make sure to check back to their shop regularly as they will be adding custom invitations, announcements, and more. Whatever your style there is no reason you can't have one of a kind stationery with Punkyprep

Head over to their shop to choose the note card style you would like to win at  Then comment below with that style. One winner will be drawn on February 25th from the comments below (very good odds!). The winner will receive the personalized note card design of their choice.


The Rebel Crafter

Fun Kid Project-Recycled Valentines Holders

Wrap a cereal box in red paper, and add ribbons.

Also made out of cereal boxes, but its a tote, with handles.

Use a half gallon ice cream container. 

An oatmeal container.

A tissue box.


The Rebel Crafter

The Science Behind Better Skin- Nerium AD

NeriumAD is relatively new product. It is only about one year old. It's so new you might not have heard of it yet. It is only available through a consultant, similar to Mary Kaye. lf you live in a bigger city, you may have been approached by a friend, or relative to try it. They may even seem a little pushy about it? Why? Well the answer is pretty simple. Nerium delivers great skin results, and they currently make it available to you for free (just S&H) by referring 3 friends. So many people want to share their results pictures so they can get their product free. Of course most Nerium users could care less about referring friends, they just want to tell you about their results, so you can experience it too. What I like about Nerium is that I am allergic to EVERYTHING and have zero issues with it. It is gluten free, paraban free, non comedogenic, and cruelty free. It is also ideal for all skin types. 

You can find out more about NeriumAD by clicking here:  

Click on "Results" at the top right hand corner, and click on "Results Video", and "Clinical Trials"

Take the Nerium Challenge!:
New Nerium users typically start seeing changes in their skin in only 14 days. Improvements in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, and skin texture. Try Nerium unconditionally for 30 days and see for yourself. When your product arrives photograph your face in natural lighting. Any camera, even your phone is fine. Use it for 14 days  and then take another picture of yourself in similar lighting as your first picture. Take it again at 28 days. Like most  Nerium users you will see results, and want to continue using. If not just return your used bottle for your money back.

To buy Nerium you  just click on the link above, and on "Purchase NeriumAD" in the left hand corner of the screen. You can buy Nerium at a one time price, or save $30 by signing up as a Preferred Customer. There is no contract, and no minimum quantity to buy, but as a preferred customer you are enrolled in the 3URfree free product that I mentioned above. You will get shipped the product every 30 days. You can suspend shipment if you have too much product, change delivery dates, and of course cancel at any time. Either way you try NeriumAD, you get a 30 day guarantee, so it's always risk free. 


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