Web Finds

Here are some fun web finds. Just click on the photo or link to head over to the websites.

Bailey's and Hot Chocolate Tiramisu looks divine.

I never realized how easy it was to make a tabletop fire pit. 

I also want to make one of these wine bottle torches. This site has good instructions how.

I obviously have spring fever...I love this idea, no rabbits, or slugs.

This dog bed is made out of an old TV console. Plus other examples of old TV makeovers.

Even though moss can drive me nuts, I will be making one of these oversized letters it looks so great.

I want to make this cute bandana look headband.

Smart idea to revamp your fold up work table with wrapping paper and vinyl.

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The Rebel Crafter

Egg Topiary

I am continuing the egg theme from the last post with an egg topiary. My inspiration comes from an egg topiary featured in the Williams and Sonoma Spring catalog. I really liked the look of the topiary and wanted to create my own version of it. I found the faux eggs at Hobby Lobby, however they only came in a pastel mix so I painted them blue. This is a step you can easily skip if you would rather have a pastel egg topiary. If you can find faux natural or blue eggs even better so you do not have to bother painting. You can easily create this topiary and have it out all Spring to enjoy.

For this project you will need:

Styrofoam Florists Cone (mine is from Michael's sized 98mmx301mm)

Faux Eggs-small and regular sized eggs (I purchased mine from Hobby Lobby, I used 2 small packs of regular sized eggs, and 2 small bags of small eggs)

Moss (I picked up my bag at Dollar Tee)

Hot Glue Gun

Container or flower pot for the topiary

If you would like to paint your eggs you will need:

Acrylic paint in Light Blue/aqua (I used Folk Art brand Sky Blue) 

Acrylic paint in Brown.

Paint brush (small and regular)

To start decide if you would like your eggs the color they are, or if you would like to paint them blue. 

If you would like them blue like mine, lay them on one side or prop in a container and paint one side at a time with the blue paint and regular sized brush.

Let Dry before flipping and painting the other side.

To create the speckles mix some brown acrylic paint with water so the paint is thin a drippy. 

Dab some brown paint onto your small paint brush. Make sure you are working outside or an area where paint can splatter (or cover the area well with paper towels). Holding the brush about a foot and a half over the eggs take your free hand and firmly tap on your hand holding the paint brush to create a spray of speckles onto the eggs.

If you get too big of a brown paint blob just paint over it in blue when dry.

Create the Topiary:

Start by removing approximately 2" of the top of the florist cone so that it isn't so pointy. You can use a knife to slice the tip off.

Hot glue one of the regular sized eggs onto the top of the cone. The glue takes a minute to set so hold onto the egg until it stays put.

Then start hot gluing a couple rows of the smaller eggs near the top of the topiary. Place them randomly with space in between them. 

Continue attaching eggs down the topiary again randomly gluing regular sized ones with some small ones in between. 

Don't glue the eggs too tightly together as we will be filling the gaps with moss.

Once completed gluing all your eggs on the topiary start to fill the gaps with moss.

Make sure you put your topiary on a piece of newspaper or paper towel as the moss is messy.

Fill in a gap between the eggs with hot glue.

Immediately push a small clump of moss into the hot glue and use the back of a paint brush or a stick to press the moss firmly into the hot glue.

Fill in all the gaps with moss and put your topiary into a pot of your choice. If you see any brown paint spots you don't like just touch them up with blue paint.

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Easy Apothecary Pedestals

Todays fast and easy project inspiration comes from Tami over at Dollar Store Decor. She created mini apothecary display jars gluing dollar store glass candle holders onto candlesticks. Here is the link to her project: http://dollarstoredecorating.blogspot.com/2012/02/candleapothecary-jars.html. I loved the simplicity of this project but I wanted to create a bigger display so I purchased a glass hurricane for my candlestick at Michael's. For under $5 with coupon, I turned a cast off candlestick into a pedestal apothecary display. It was so simple I will definitely be making another taller one for a pair. Fill them with seasonal items for a nice buffet or kitchen island display. Thanks Tami!

For This Project You Will Need:

Candle stick (recycle one you no longer love)

Glass Hurricane (I purchased mine at Michael's)

E6000 Glue or Gorilla Krazy Glue

Take your candle stick to the craft store and find a hurricane jar that fits nicely atop your candle stick.

Apply E6000 Glue along the base where the hurricane comes into contact with the candle holder.

Let dry over night. The glue will definitely take all night to set.

Fill your new display piece with seasonal items. I used moss from the dollar store and some faux eggs. Attach a ribbon if desired.

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Web Finds

Here are some fun web finds. Just click on the photos to be taken over to the sites for instructions on how to make your own version.

This is such a simple and beautiful family picture. 

I love the little matching rosettes and the bling added to these kiddo shirts.

I need to try making one of these monogrammed soap dispensers.

They show how turn a  Kinko's extra large engineers print into art.

Kitty cat shoes...oh yes!

Love these little Union Jack tables. 

Easy instructions to make your own cloth napkins.

Great candy bar slider idea for little thank you gifts or party favors.


The Rebel Crafter

Abraham Lincoln Printable

In honor of Presidents Day I thought I would make a 5x7 print of one of my favorite Abraham Lincoln quotes. I think it is a great reminder that we are all human and none of us is perfect. What is your vice? Chocolate? nightly glass of wine? shoes? craft supplies? My biggest is definitely Starbucks. Rarely a day goes by that I don't stop for a venti vanilla soy latte, sometimes even two. At over $4 a piece I know it is a total waste of money (especially since I have an espresso maker at home). It is my weakness but like good old Abe says if you don't have a little fun you are probably no fun to be around.

Click on the link to download and print for a 5" x 7" frame:

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The Rebel Crafter

Easy Chunky Cuff Bracelets

I am so amazed by all of the large pendants at Michael's. I used them for our Shabby Chic Napkin Rings and now I am making bracelets out of them. I especially love big cuff bracelets, and since Michael's also sells plain cuff bracelets I thought I would add my favorite pendant choices to them to create a nice chunky cuff for under ten dollars. Make them for yourself, or make them to give. Cuff bracelets are nice jewelry gifts since they can be adjusted to fit just about any wrist size.

You will need:

Cuff (Find in the jewelry section at Michael's). You can also find $3 ones under the "Supplies" section on Etsy.

Large Pendant (I found both of mine at Michael's. I love their new enamel line where I found the daisy).

Gorilla Glue Krazy Glue, or JB Weld Glue

Wire Snips 

Emory board or sand paper (depending on where the bale is this may not be needed).

Refer to our project Shabby Chic Napkin Rings on how to remove bales from your pendants. Click on the link for instruction: http://craftingrebellion.blogspot.com/2012/01/shabby-chic-napkin-rings.html

After you have removed the bale from the pendant apply a liberal amount of Gorilla Glue or J B Weld glue to the top of the cuff and the bottom of the pendant.

*You can glue onto the round base on the top of the cuff or you can pop it off with pliers and glue right onto the band.

Hold in place for a minute or two until set. Prop up.

Let dry 24 hours.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all. Did any of you watch the Grammys on Sunday? My favorite performance of the night was by Bruno Mars. Normally not a huge fan of pop, I couldn't help but not love the Elvis and James Brown infused performance that he gave. In case you missed the show I thought I would post the video because it will put a smile on your face. You can watch it while eating some Dove's chocolate! Just click on the link below.


So fun! Enjoy your day!

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XOX (and lots of chocolate),

The Rebel Crafter

Valentine's Day Crazy Clips

Yesterday was my monthly scrapbook club crop and we have such a great bunch of talented and awesome women that come to it! One of them is Rhiannon Metzger (super sweet). Yesterday she was making Valentine's Crazy Clips during the crop and I was so in love with them! I asked her if I could share them with you since they are a fast project that could still be made by Tuesday. Rhiannon made our Holiday Crazy Clips and her family loved them so much they asked her to make Valentine's ones to give as gifts. She used the Michael's glitter tape and found the puffy felt stickers on sale there as well. There definitely is still time to whip up these adorable little gifts. Just follow our Crazy Clips project for the how to.

Click here for directions: http://craftingrebellion.blogspot.com/2011/10/crazy-clips.html

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Triple Heart Card

My friend Laura Sampson sent me this cute Valentine's Day card so I thought I would share it with you since it is fast and easy to make. You need a heart punch, or a cutting machine to cut equal sized hearts. You stagger them on the card and attach with pop dots. She embossed the paper on the middle heart and added a small adhesive gem. Stamp "All you need is Love" on an angle. 

Here are the specific hearts and stamp she used so you can easily create your own version:

The stamp is Hampton Art Rubber Stamp - All You Need is Love
# 8590820 from Joanns. 

The heart is Sizzix Heart Set #2  model #656764. 

The patterned paper is from the "all dressed up" glitter mat stack by DCWV.

These cards were so easy to make that she made a bunch!

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$5 Designer Look Curtains

I recently saw a pair of designer curtains with hand sewn crystals and I loved how glamorous they appeared. They were beyond expensive. I knew I wanted to try an inexpensive version of this technique. I was recently at Hobby Lobby and a long strand of faux crystal wedding garland caught my eye. At $5 (half off that week) I decided I would give this project a try. One strand will cover at least one regular curtain panel. How many crystals you use is up to you. Since the crystals are big I actually think I could have used less and spread them out more. I had some crystals left over on my long length 95" panel. Now I am not a big fan of hand sewing, but if I can do this project I think anyone can. It just requires a little patience. It took me one evening (while watching TV) to complete one panel. I have no idea how these curtains will do when they need dry cleaning. I seriously change my decor before my curtains usually need cleaning! But at an investment of $5 (not including the curtains) I wasn't too concerned. I really like this idea for a couture baby room, but really any room you want some bling in could work. This pair will be going into my spare bedroom, but I think I will be keeping my eye out for interesting crystal garland to make another pair for my dining room. This project is a really inexpensive way to change the look of regular store bought curtains into something special.

For this project you will need :


Wedding Crystal Garland (I got mine for $5 at Hobby Lobby but you can google wedding garland and you will find lots of choices. Just make sure the crystals are tied on (not glued) to the line so you can remove them.


Needle and Thread

Start by removing the crystals from the line. A small pair of scissors in helpful.

Lay out your curtain panel and place the crystals where you like them.

I staggered my crystals so four were on one row, three the next.

Mark the desired area with either a pin or a pen mark.

Sew on the crystals like sewing on a button. I started by locking my thread, then secured the top of the crystal. Then I ran the thread behind the crystal and secured the bottom. It will take a few hours to hand sew a large panel.  This is a good TV or movie project.

Enjoy your new designer curtains!


The Rebel Crafter


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