Valentine's Day Crazy Clips

Yesterday was my monthly scrapbook club crop and we have such a great bunch of talented and awesome women that come to it! One of them is Rhiannon Metzger (super sweet). Yesterday she was making Valentine's Crazy Clips during the crop and I was so in love with them! I asked her if I could share them with you since they are a fast project that could still be made by Tuesday. Rhiannon made our Holiday Crazy Clips and her family loved them so much they asked her to make Valentine's ones to give as gifts. She used the Michael's glitter tape and found the puffy felt stickers on sale there as well. There definitely is still time to whip up these adorable little gifts. Just follow our Crazy Clips project for the how to.

Click here for directions:

Check back soon for our next tutorial!


The Rebel Crafter

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