ColourQ Challenge

I recently came across the site a great website for papercrafting inspiration that has a weekly challenge based on a color palette. This week I thought it would be fun to try one of their challenges. I love color and mixing patterns so I liked the idea of being given a color palette I "had" to work with to push me out of my design envelope. 

The interesting thing about this weeks challenge is that I had to "copy" a previous winners design. I thought that would be easy...a quick card...with colors predetermined. What I actually discovered is I have a hard time mimicking someone else's work. I found it fun but a little challenging. I cannot do the same thing as someone else no matter how hard I try. I am a rebel after all :) I did make my cards as close as possible to the design layouts, I just embellished differently. 

I chose one of my current favorite scrapbooking paper pads for the assignment because I thought the floral paper looked very similar to the dress. It is "Femme Fatale" by recollections and is chock full of distressed, animal prints, grunge, and florals. I love it! I mixed the floral paper with a zebra print paper for card #1. I distressed the card edges with cats eye charcoal ink. I attached two ribbons like the card example but went with a slider instead of a flower. Card # 2 I combined the floral with a distressed paper. I used a corner rounder punch to round the top corners. I also distressed the card edges with cats eye charcoal and attached a ribbon and a slider. I attached a sticker word to both cards.
 I definitely recommend checking out for cardmaking and scrapbooking inspiration. Their gallery is chock full of great ideas.

 The first picture is of the color palette. The second of card #1 I had to copy (cqc#30). The 3rd picture is of my version. The 4th picture is of Card #2 to Copy (cqc # 40) and the 5th picture is of my version. 


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Gluten Free Rockabilly Cupcakes

It is my Birthday so I decided to make some gluten free, dairy free, and egg free cupcakes for my family. I am allergic to all 3 of those important baking foods. Luckily for me I found Cherrybrook Kitchen Gluten Free Dreams Cake Mix. If you need to bake for someone with food allergies I highly recommend this brand. The mixes are peanut, dairy, egg, and gluten free. My Husband who was raised by a top notch baker gave them a big thumbs up. I have made their brownies as well. You can find the mixes at Whole Foods or Vitamin Cottage. 

I purchased the Rockabilly toppers cupcake kit at  A wonderful online baking shop specializing in vintage inspired cake supplies. The kit came with 24 assorted cupcake toppers, 24 baking cups (polka dot, red, and animal print), sprinkles, and icing twist flowers packaged in a cute vintage looking bag. This is an inexpensive and fun gift for a baker in your life. I also purchased the Electric Pink soft gel paste food coloring. I LOVE the coloring. It is thick and easy to use and creates a beautiful rich color. I also bought the Zombie Cupcake Kit and black food coloring for Halloween cupcakes. I didn't purchase their green or red coloring because I had those already, but after using the pink gel color I am definitely going back online and buying those for future baking. What a difference good quality soft gel coloring makes! I can't wait to use the bright green, orange, and black on the Halloween Zombie cupcakes.

The Rockabilly Cupcake Kit is best for making 12 or less cupcakes since it is cutest to load up the cupcakes with multiple toppers. If you plan on making more than 12 cupcakes consider buying the liners and toppers you like in bulk from instead, it will be cheaper that way. Their prices are good and just by purchasing a bag of vintage inspired toppers you can create an awesome cupcake display for your next party or  bake sale. 

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Clutch Style Gift Card Holder

I love to make gifts, but sometimes a gift card is the best gift to give. With the Holiday's approaching now is a great time to make our Clutch Style Gift Card Holders. This gift card holder is like a little purse and super easy to make. Just like our Baby Bootie Card Project the joy is in picking out paper and embellishments to express your style. Have fun embellishing yours with trinkets, flowers, gems, buttons, or bows to give your little purse some style.

This project is fast and easy:

 You will need:
Scrapbook Paper
Tape Runner Glue
Velcro (Optional)
Embellishment for your purse button

Cut two pieces of paper
The main purse color 4 1/4" x 7 1/4"
The Border paper 4 1/2" x 7 1/2"

Take a corner rounder punch and round the corners on both papers on ONE SIDE 
If you do not have a corner you can take scissors and round your corners

Attach the main paper to the border paper with a tape runner type glue. (both round ends on same side). Now you have one paper.

Now Fold up the bottom of the paper  (the unrounded side) 1 3/4"

Adhere along the inside Sides with a tape runner. Only put tape runner along the sides so you create a pocket. If your paper is very thick (like cardstock) you may need to use strong glue and clamp the sides until dry. I have also used one small staple on each side. The mini staples are barely noticeable. Scrapbook paper is usually OK with just tape runner.

Use a bone folder or run your finger nail along the fold lines to make them crisp. If the top pops open a bit you have two choices. You can go the very nice way and attach a very small piece of velcro to the inside flap of the card to create a velcro opening. I like to cut a small piece and attach to the inside upper flap leaving the other half of the velcro still attached. Then I peel off the backing off of that piece and press the card together and it sticks to the other side so the pieces match perfectly. You can also use a little repositionable adhesive to hold the flap down, or tie a ribbon around the clutch.

Lastly pick your Clutch embellishment to give it some character. You can attach in the middle of the flap or on the edge so it overlaps like the lock. FYI if you do choose a sticker embellishment like this lock you will need to scrap the sticky foam off the back of it with your fingernail since you don't want it to stick the card closed. I used some mini glue dots on the top of the lock. 

A girl without dreams is a girl adrift...
I borrowed this from Gala darling..Love it!

Handmade Baby Bootie Card

This Baby bootie shoe card is so much fun to make because of the endless paper and embellishment options you can use to create your booties. Boy, girl, sweet, sassy, punk, try making one of each to keep on hand for a new baby, shower, or 1st birthday card. Attach one of our Rockin' baby sayings to the card, stamp, or print your own saying. Any way you make it, it will sure to be a card that is remembered.
Its easy to make several booties at once and create several cards quickly. Lets get started.

First click on the following links to download the template you will use to print and cut your booties.  When you click on the links they take you to www.mediafire a document storage site. Make sure you click the Mediafire click here to download file button. If you get a flashing yellow "download now" button to the far left of the mediafire download button in ad space, don't click on it. It will say "survey" first which is really an ad. The Mediafire download button is on the right of the page, and it is safe and secure to download any documents.

Template #1 the Outer Bootie and strap

Template #2 The insole

Template # 3 Rockin' Baby sayings (optional)

Decide on a paper you would like for the bootie. In the examples I use a leopard print and a damask print. Smaller prints tend to work better. If you are using scrapbook 12x12 paper cut it to 8 1/2 x 11 on your paper cutter. One great pack of paper to try for the card is Michael's 8.5 x 11 wild pattern paper and at only $3.00 a pack on sale it is great for other card making crafts. It has different colored leopard and zebra prints. (I used this paper for the Handmade Hair Pins card backs). The damask and polka dot paper is also from Michaels. Once you have your main paper chosen pick a CONTRASTING paper that will act as the insole and:

Print template #1 on the REVERSE side of the Main patterned paper. 

Print Template #2-Print on the REVERSE side of your CONTRASTING paper

Cut out your booties and straps. Don't worry if you're not exact, just try to cut along the line. The insole is slightly trickier to cut, use smaller scissors if you have them, but again don't worry if it's not perfect. In the following picture the leopard paper was on the other side of this two sided paper.

Use a good tape runner type scrapbooking glue (I use Tombo MONO adhesive) to attach the insoles to the bootie. 

If you would like a shadow around your booties use your tape runner and glue the booties to black paper and cut around the booties approximately 1/4". (You do not need to do this step, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. The step generally makes the booties pop a little more off the card but again you don't have to do it.

Now you have a pair of booties with an insole and a shadow. Cut a piece of paper for the background of your card. I find simple background patterns work well with wild pattern booties, and simple booties need a wild background paper. I used premade 6 1/2 x 5 inch card from Michael's. They come in a pack of 25 with envelopes. You can certainly cut and score your own. I like easy so I usually buy the packs when they offer them 1/2 off.

Now cut  your background paper 6" x 4 1/2 "

Attach the background paper to the card with your tape runner

Attach the booties to the card with your tape runner.
If you are going to use a brad as the bootie strap embellishment you will need to attach the strap (shown next) push the brad through THEN attach the whole things to the card with a tape runner so you do not have a brad poking through the card. But if you plan on using embellishments like bows, button, stick on gems etc. follow the next steps.

Attach your straps buy using a tiny glue dot on each side of the strap or use glue runner. Make sure to just put it on the sides. The straps will pop up if you do. If you want them to lie flat then tape runner the whole strap and attach.

Now the FUN part...

Embellish the side strap with bows, gems, buttons, paper flower etc. I had a pack of tiny press on bows I found in the scrapbooking area at JOAnnes that I used for the bows on the booties. Cut and tie your own ribbon though and attach with a glue dot just as easily. Make sure to use a glue dot instead of flimsy stick on glue that comes on many scrapbook embellishments.

You can also
print out our Rockin Baby sayings to use on the card
Print the sayings out on any plain paper (I have used white, pastel pink, blue, etc) and layout the saying and the booties onto the card before you glue everything down.


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Rockin' Hair Clips

This project has to be one of the fastest handmade gifts you can make. These are great for goody bags, craft fairs, and plan ahead holiday gift exchanges and stocking stuffers.

You can whip these out in minutes! You just need to plan ahead by picking up these supplies:

E 6000 glue 
*Click on it to see the glue you need. You can also find this glue at Michael's and Hobby Lobby. You absolutely need it for any hair accessories or jewelry projects. Hot glue will not cut it on metal and plastic. You will use this glue a lot if you want to make other jewelry items with cabechons and buttons.

Bobby pins with a round pad
*again you can purchase a pack of these at craft stores. Make sure they have the round pad at the end. I purchased mine on Etsy from poppylovesparis because I was drawn to the red, pink, black and white colors but I saw pack or silver and other metals at Michael's.

Cabochons, buttons, gems, and charms 
 *This is where the fun comes in. What is your theme? You can buy bags of plastic rose or carnation cabochons on Etsy (great for Baby shower gifts), buttons or scrapbook embellishments from Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Archivers, or Joanns. I found a tattoo inspired charms with swallows, "Love hearts"and skulls. I had the gems from my scrapbooking stash. If you want to make up several sets of these consider buying the bobby pins and button charms in bulk. I have bought plastic roses, skulls, and carnations for from shantisupplies, poppylovesparis, and snapcrafty on Etsy. Gemstone sticker sheets are cheap and plentiful so I don't see a need to buy those in bulk.

A piece of heavier cardboard (I ripped off a flap of a box)

Wire cutters (if you are using plastic buttons with shanks)

Let's get Started

Pick out your charms and bobby pins

If you are using a plastic button with a shank you need a pair of wire clippers to snip off the shanks. Just hold the cutters flush with the button and snap off.  

If you are using an embellishment for scrapbooking that has a sticker on the back remove the sticker by scraping it off with your nail or an xacto knife. 

Place a paper towel under your project in case of glue drips. 

Attach your bobby pins to the cardboard and make sure to space them out enough for gluing on the charms. You need a piece of cardboard that is corrugated so it raises the bobby pins off of the surface. 

Use one drop of glue on each pad head and attach the charms. Center them nicely on the pad. Wait a couple minutes and check them again for being centered and hey you are done with making the bobby pins. Phew that was hard! :)

Make up some cards to attach the bobby pins to for gift giving.

Making cards to attach the bobby pins

You need a nice piece of card stock to attach your bobby pins to. A simple way to do this is to use a two sided piece. I used Michael's Crafts zebra animal printed card stock, and a piece of Anna Griffin scrapbooking paper. It is a great value at 3.99 a pack (on sale for $3 or 3 for $10 frequently).

Trim the pice of card stock paper 3.5" x 4.5"

Fold up one side about 1/3 of the way.

Use a tape runner or double sided tape on side of the flap sides you just folded to make a pocket.
Attach your pins and you are set!

If you are selling them at a craft fair you could attach them to your business card.


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Skull & Crossbones Soap

This is such an easy craft, but it goes a long way. Make them for a rockin' baby or wedding shower favor, a fun gift, or a teen party craft project. They are adorable bars of soap!

First up you need a Fred & Friends Bone Chillers ice cube tray. You can find it on, and among several other sites. Amazon had it for $6.95 and cool stuff $7.95. You may find it at Linens & Things as well. It is pricier than most soap trays but I find this product to be worth the price. The tray is very strong and flexible and the soap comes out nicely.

You also need:

1 rectangle bar soap mold

White melt and pour soap

Clear melt and pour soap

Soap coloring (do not use food coloring)-Color is up to you!

Soap fragrance (optional) The melt and pour smells pretty good on its own.
***You can find all of the above soap making supplies at Hobby Lobby or Michael's Crafts. Check out or for coupons to print before you buy your supplies).

Large glass measuring cup or bowl to melt the soap in

Packaging for the soap. I prefer clear cellophane bags (if you have an xpedx store near you they carry them), or They are about $3.00 for 100 bags. You will also need ribbon or twist ties for the bags.

*If you want matching soap tags for a favor you can download our "U Rock" soap tags. Print them onto card stock, cut, and hole punch in the corner to attach.

Let' Make Bone Chillers Soap

Cut about 3 -4 cubes of the White soap (you'll have to eyeball a little as each soap is a little different), put them into the glass measuring cup and microwave for 30 seconds. You usually need about 50 seconds to really melt soap, but since every microwave is different take it out and stir it at 30 seconds then put it back in at 10-15 second intervals until the soap is melted. Keep a close eye on it and don't let it boil over, but hey, it is just soap so don't worry if it does! (Remember it just washes away).
Stir the soap mixture until it stops steaming heavily and then when cooled down about a minute carefully pour into the skull molds. If a little blobs over just wipe it up.

Remember to put your skulls "face down" into the plain rectangle soap tray

Let the soap harden. If you want to speed up the process you can put the tray in the fridge or freezer. It hardens quickly. Just be careful not to move the tray too soon or you will spill it, give it a few minutes to harden up first before moving. Once the skeletons are solid carefully pop them out of the tray. Now put them skull "Face Down" into the rectangle bar soap mold tray.

Clean up your glass measuring cup to reuse with the clear soap or grab a new one. Use about 6 cubes of Clear soap and just like the white soap microwave for 30 seconds and then the 10-15 second intervals until melted. Stir in ONE drop of soap coloring. You only want ONE drop so that the soap is translucent. You can use two drops to mix a color (like I used one drop red and one drop wine for Fuschia) but 2 drops is about as dark as you'll want it. Once again when the soap has stopped steaming heavily pour over top the skeletons to fill. Let the soap harden completely. Again you can put the tray into the fridge or freezer to speed things up.

Just make sure the clear soap isn't too hot when you
pour over the skulls.

Wow you're done already. Wasn't that easy? Once hardened carefully pop out your bars and put into your cellophane bags. Attach your ribbon and use our download sheet of "U Rock"tags to attach to the bags. Super cute!

Now you can clean your soap tray and make some ice! Store the ice in a ziploc bag until you need it. It makes another memorable party statement!

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