Shoe Lover Note Card Set

If you know a shoe lover then it is not too late to make them a boxed set of our "Shoe Lover Note Cards" as a great handmade gift. This project is a perfect use for all those extra scraps of decorative paper, and fun embellishments you have stashed away. For this set I put the embellishments on the straps, however putting them on the toes looks cute too. You will refer to our project "Uptown Witch Shoe Cards" for the cutting instructions. Then just follow the step by step assembly below and you will be making pairs of shoe cards in no time flat. Consider customizing each card with a stamped saying. I would love a box of shoe cards, wouldn't you?

You will need:

Blank Folded Cards (I purchase sets from Michael's that come with envelopes)

Decorative Paper

Black Card Stock

Embellishments (brads, buttons, stick on gems, bows etc.)

Tape Runner

Glue Dots (optional) for attaching embellishments

Refer to "Uptown Witch Shoe Card Project" for shoe shapes cutting info. 

Make a shoe base and insole template out of cardstock. Use the template to cut around the shoe pieces.

Cut two shoe bases and attach to your blank note card.

Cut two insoles. For this shoe I rounded the one end of the insole forward. 

Attach to the shoe insole with tape runner.

Cut out two straps and attach with tape runner or glue dots.

Choose two embellishments and glue dot to the strap or the toe of the shoe.

Make a set of 4 or 6 note cards in various patterned paper and box for gift giving. XpedX or have great inexpensive note card boxes. Or tie your card set with a beautiful bow.

Have some fun and make seasonal shoes. Use holly, candy , or wreath stickers for the embellishments. Consider making a "4 Seasons" set of shoe cards. 

Check back soon for a rockin' accessory project.


The Rebel Crafter


  1. OMG!!!! These are DA BOMB!!! Love them so much,thanks,Deidre~Http:// Im your newest follower stop by sometime to chat:)

  2. Anonymous1/06/2012

    WOW! Love them. Thank you so much.

  3. Pretty awesome. Thank you for linking this up. The more I see the more I want to get myself a craft room and try this stuff. One day I will work up the courage!



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