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My favorite quote of the year (from www.galadarling.com) :

Happy New Year Rebel Crafters! I know its just a number, but for some reason I love a New Year! Its like a mental clean slate. I love writing down new goals and dreams for the year. I enjoyed these tips from Gala Darling's blog: http://galadarling.com/article/10-fantastic-ways-to-get-ready-for-2012. Especially the one about making one major change to your appearance in 2012. I am thinking on that one. What will I change? Maybe my hair color. I am also feeling recharged artistically. I have a list of interesting projects to start in 2012! In the meantime I am going to jump on the craft blog bandwagon theme of posting the top ten most viewed projects of the year. The funny thing is we are a newborn blog. Thats right, I got my feet wet in September. I feel like October was my first full month of true blogging. So many of these projects will be very recent since I only have a few months of projects. What was my favorite craft of 2011? It was the iPhone cover, which coincidentally was my top viewed project. I like it because my phone and I are inseparable so it is always out to see. I look forward to new projects in a new year!

My Top 10 Most Viewed Tutorials :

Have a fabulous New Year! See you back in 2012!


The Rebel Crafter


  1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I totally enjoy your blog and look forward to each new project! I made the gloves for my granddaughter for Christmas and she loved them! Happy New Year!

  2. Just found your blog and have had so much fun looking at all your projects. Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year. Just became a follower too! Blessings, Vicky

  3. Great ideas Im making the Rock you iphone for my teenager! She will LOVE it:)) Thanks,Deidre~ http://simplysimplisticated4.blogspot.com

  4. I love the iphone! Can I ask where you get all your bits and bobs?

  5. Fabulous! I can't believe you've only been blogging for a few months, love all your makes esp the Iphone case, loving the bling!

  6. Thanks all! I got my bits and bobs for the phone at both the craft stores and Etsy. I used kiddie flat back gems (found in the kids craft area), flat back gems from Michael's, but I also got some from Etsy. Check out Rockin' hairpins project for some more ideas.



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