Vera Bradley Inspired Decoupage Pumpkins

Decoupage pumpkins are pretty prolific this year. Just about every craft magazine has a toile version. While I like black and white toile I wanted to approach it a little differently. What would stand out on a Thanksgiving centerpiece or buffet? That lead me to this project. I originally started with leopard print, which is fabulous on the pumpkins, and then continued on with Vera Bradley. I like the mix of the leopard print with the bold paisleys and florals. So how do you make these designer inspired pumpkins? Actually it is pretty easy and you may already have the main ingredient in your home...paper decorative hand towels. (you know the ones in your spare bathrooms). They are easy to find at any home goods type store and come in several fun patterns. These bold pumpkins would make a great gift to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. 

You will need:

Decorative Paper hand towels (I used Vera Bradley and leopard print ones)
Plastic Pumpkin
Mod Podge
Foam Brush or Paint Brush
Ribbon ands Charm (optional)
White Spray Paint (optional)
Plastic Gloves (optional)

Decide on a paper napkin design. Leopard print is very easy. The print is easily repeated. The bolder the pattern the easier to follow the repeat around the pumpkin. Tiny patterns are a little trickier, but they look very cute done patchwork style. If your paper has a lot of white on it you may want to spray paint your pumpkin white so no color bleeds through. I did not spray my pumpkins white, but I would consider it when I make them again. It would create the clearest image on the pumpkin. One of my pumpkins was already distressed white and I liked the results on that one very much.

Unfold the paper towel. You will see there is an extra white sheet behind the patterned paper. 

Unpeel the inner white sheet

Cut or tear the napkins in a few strips

Trim off any border detail on the napkin.

Apply Mod Podge with your brush to a section of the pumpkin the size of your paper 

Press your Paper down gently being careful not to tear it. Tap it gently. Using plastic gloves makes this easier.

Apply a light coat of Mod Podge over your strip.

Apply the next paper towel strip lining up the pattern as best as you can. (follow the order you tore the paper). It doesn't have to be perfect, but it looks more seamless this way.

Continue around the pumpkin. Let dry and do the bottom.

Once you are finished give your Pumpkin one or two coats overall of Mod Podge.

Once dry your pumpkin will look great! You can add embellishments like a ribbon and charm if desired. If you are like me, you will have to make a variety of sizes, and patterns, for a fabulous pumpkin display.



The Rebel Crafter


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog! I absolutely LOVE the things you do. Can't wait to do the notebook with my granddaughter. It's so cute and she loves notebooks!

  2. Love it! Love the whole blog! Thanks for stopping by my blog today
    Jos from Sew, cook, laugh & Live

  3. These are so pretty!!

  4. These are so great! Such a unique and wonderful fall craft to add some color into various rooms! We love them and will be using them in our weekly round up!

  5. What a great project! :) I've featured this post on Craft Gossip here:

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  6. fabulous! Love the patterns, great idea.

  7. Amazing and Gorgeous!! Vera would be proud :)

  8. Anonymous10/31/2011

    LOVE this! I've shared it on my blog, thanks for the fantastic idea!

  9. i love these!!! they are so cute and such a girly twist on the tradition pumpkin.

  10. Wow just LOVE all of yor projects!!! Feeling soooo inspired! Thanks!

  11. I made one of these with black and white damask and thought it was pretty dang cute until I just saw what you have done!!! For sure - yours are the cutest ever. I am off to see I can find some more pumpkins!!!
    Thanks for sharing this awesome tutorial!!

  12. Love the comments! I will be posting another Vera Bradley project soon so check back!

  13. These are amazing and I would want those pumpkins out all year round. I would love it if you would link it up to my weekly linky party Upcycled Awesome:

  14. Loooove this. My girls have a Vera fettish, what a great idea!! I hope I can find some more pumpkins!! They would love to make these.

  15. Oh I love these!! I need to pin this for next year. Where did you get the skull charms? They're really cute!

  16. I found the skull charms on Etsy under the "supplies" section. I promise to post the supplier name when I find it! :)

  17. Those look fabulous!

    Love for you to join my Linky Party - JAQS "Made by ME" at

  18. I wish I had seen these sooner. They would have been perfect for my super girly Halloween decorations...they are so cute!!!

  19. Ohhhhh sooooo cute!!! They're lovely!!!!

  20. Thank you for linking up to our party show and share #13. come back this week.

    A mommy's life...with a touch of yellow



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