Hanging Bat Card

Halloween is almost here! This is a fun and easy card made out of black cardstock paper. You can use wire or thin black ribbon for the legs, and buttons or google eyes for the eyes. Stamp your saying upside down inside the card for fun. Also consider attaching a small stick at the top of the card for the legs to hang onto.

You will need:

Black Cardstock Paper
Scrapbook paper for background and teeth
Buttons for eyes (or google eyes)
Blank card (I used 6.5" x5" card)
Wire or thin ribbon for the legs
Pop Dots and Tape runner

Cut a piece of black cardstock 6.25" x 4.75"

Cut Background cardstock 6" x 4.50"

Distress edges of background paper (optional). I used Cats Eye Charcoal.

Layer both papers and attach to blank card.

Attach wire (or ribbon) for the legs with small glue dots.

Cut out a piece of black cardstock 2.25' x 5".

Cut two small triangles for the bat wings. I embossed my wings with a swirl stamp (optional).

Cut a letter "M" onto the one end of the paper.

On the opposite side cut at an angle about 1" toward the middle, then across, then back up  toward the other corner so you have two points.

Cut a notch on each side of the bat body and slim the bat out.

Attach bat to the card with Pop dots so it is raised off of the card.

Attach buttons with small glue dots.

Cut out two little triangles for teeth.

Attach a small stick to the card (optional) for the feet to hang off of.

Stamp your message Upside Down on the inside of the card (optional).


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