Uptown Witch Shoes Card

I want to first give a big thanks to our new members, and to those of you who have put my projects on Stumbleupon, Tumblr, and Pinterest. You really rock! We are a very new blog so it has been amazing to get your support. I appreciate you spreading the Craftingrebellion word!

OK so shoes for a Halloween card?... I have to confess I have a major thing for shoe cards, so I had to make a Halloween pair. The card is fun to make, and just like our Baby Booties Card the beauty is in the embellishment. Use bows, brads, or dimensional stickers for the shoe clips. The bat shoes are embellished with bats and a purse cut out from the Cricut cutter. If you would like to see any Cricut crafts on our site let me know by leaving a message in the comments section.

I am going to show you how to make the shoe card with the stamped spider web.

For this card project you will need:

Blank card
Halloween Themed Paper
Black and White card stock
Inkadinkado Clear Stamps "All Hallow's Eve"
Ribbon and Embellishments for Shoes

Start by cutting a piece of black card stock 1/4" smaller than your card. In my case my card is 6.5" x 5" so my black card stock is 6 1/4" x 4 3/4"

Cut a piece of white card stock 1/4' smaller than the black.

Stamp a Spider web and spider in the upper corner (left or right). Stamp a Happy Halloween saying in the lower right corner. 

Attach your white card stock to the black card stock and tape runner onto your card.

Cut out two pieces of Halloween themed paper for your shoe 1 1/2" x 4 1/2"

Cut two pieces of black card stock the same size.

Layer your two Halloween papers together and trim one end to a point. 

Next round out the opposite side. 

Curve the sides inward. Trim until you like the way your shoe looks. 

Place one of the halloween papers on top of the two black pieces and cut them the same size. 

Take your black pieces and cut the sides and back about 1/8" smaller. 

When you get to the top edge of the point curve upward cutting off the triangle point. See photo below. You can also curve in the opposite direction.

Attach your insoles to your shoes with tape runner. 

Attach your shoes to your card with tape runner. You can attach them flat, or use two pop dots on the heel and so it make the heels raised up. I did this on the skeleton shoes. 

Cut two pieces of ribbon approximately 3" long. Put tape runner or glue dots on the reverse side and fold the ribbon ends together to create a bow. Attach a smaller ribbon around the bow with tape runner. 

Attach your bows to the shoes with a glue dot. Or use a brad or dimensional sticker instead of a bow. 

Cut out two small narrow strips of the Halloween paper and attach as shoe straps. (optional)

Send your cute Halloween shoes to a stylish friend!


The Rebel Crafter


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