60 Second Earrings

Since we are a new crafting site I thought the first earrings I posted should be the easiest. These literally will take one minute to make. They are the perfect match to our Rockin' Hair Clips project. Make them using the same embellishments and you create a perfect gift set.

You will need:

6 mm Pierced Earring Posts (I bought my pack of 60 at Michaels for $2.99)
Earring backs
E6000 Glue
Embellishments: Refer to the project Rockin' Hair Clips  for ideas

Place one drop of E6000 glue on the earring post. Use a toothpick to catch any extra glue off the sides.

Center the cabochon.

Place upright on cabochon or poke earring into a piece of styrofoam to hold in place while drying.

Allow to dry 24 hours.

Crystal Heart Earrings:

The hearts were found in the jewelry section at Michaels. They come on a strand.

Place drop of glue on earring post and center at the top of the heart on the flat angled part.

You can create an easy earring card by folding over a piece of scrapbooking paper and glue the flap down with tape runner. 


The Rebel Crafter


  1. Cute and easy. I want to make a dozen of them!

    I love the earring cards, too. Know what would look really cool? Sparkly tape! I use it for my hula hoops, and you can get it at:


    They sell glitter and mirror and sparkly tape. *Drools.* And just about every other kind of tape you would want.

    -- Sarah (who saw your ad on Galadarling.com and promptly fell in love with your blog.)

  2. Have posted these on my Tumblr blog here: http://truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/post/12057674732/diy-60-second-earrings-for-beginners-a-basic
    My young followers and I love projects like this!

  3. can't get quicker, easier or cuter than that!

  4. Love these, quick & easy yet look fab!

  5. Love the comments! I will definitely check out that tape, I love sparkly!

  6. So easy! I love it.

  7. Cute idea and clever packaging. Good job, well done how tos.

  8. Wow. They look so awesome. I never thought it was that easy to make cute earrings. I'm pinning this! :)

  9. I would like to invite you and your readers and followers that are handmade artisans to follow and post their goods on our blog "It's A Handmade World" at www.hopesanddreamsstudio.blogspot.com. It's a place for handmade artisans to post their great treasures and shoppers to find that unique or one of a kind gift.
    Thanks and enjoy!

  10. Anonymous10/12/2012

    Thank for the idea....great birthday and Christmas gift idea!



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