I have a confession to make, I am not aging gracefully. I don't feel old, but when I look in the mirror I am seeing the years. Being in my 40's, a lover of sun, and years of no quality skin care has sadly caught up with me. For those of you who are looking for a skin cream that can produce results, please read on. For those of you who have no desire to treat wrinkles, (ah youth I am so envious) I grant your thanks in my liberties for letting me share with my readers an important product, because it does in part fund this blog.

I was told about NeriumAD by a friend who is both well off, and smart. Being both she would have little reason to embellish the truth of her results, as earning free product would be of little consequence to her lifestyle. She was truthfully just excited to share with me her results using NeriumAD. That very same day another friend absolutely raved about it. Now I was getting interested. This particular friend had for years been under dermatologist care, and had tried just about every prescription available. It turned out this new MLM product sold to her by a friend worked far better than all the other treatments. She was actually shocked. She had in truth only bought the cream to support her friends business venture, and really did not expect results. The proof she said was easy to see. Her friend had asked her to take a "before" picture of herself with no makeup, and then another "after" picture after using the product for 10 days. She showed them to me on her iphone and it was very obvious that the product was treating her skin condition. I began to think this product may actually have merit, because what company wants you to photograph yourself before and after using a product? They usually just show photographs of young models with dewey skin. Its one thing to say a product will work, but quite another to have non model customers photographing themselves. That day I became a customer, and once I saw my own results I became an Independent Brand partner. 

In between some of my craft posts I will be sharing more information about NeriumAD. The fascinating story how it was discovered, patents, 15 years of testing results, real results photos (including my own), and how to get NeriumAD for free. Just like my friends I wanted to share this product because of how it has worked on my skin. 

Take a moment to check out my Nerium page at and watch the video learn more about the product, and of course email me at with any questions you may have!


The Rebel Crafter


  1. Curious to see your results, we all eventually are looking for the fountain of youth if you will, so yes very interested in your results....After looking at the ad, I'm sorry, no disrespect, but kind of sounds like a pyramid scam to me? All the hype of earns, and getting on the sales bandwagon, Lexus' and such, hard to believe.

    1. Believe me I was as big a skeptic as you :) I think MLM's can definitely make people go running away. Truth is there are some really good MLM's I've bought from, as well as some really bad ones. I think the problem is you may have a less than reputable salesperson who promises the moon. Nothing is going to make you look 10 or 15 years younger (except maybe some serious laser and botox treatments in the thousands). But if I can take a couple years off, and keep emerging lines from adding to aging, then I am in. Check out the video about the product. It has 15 years of testing using real face imaging equipment. Up to 50% reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and emerging lines with a 30% average. The product has a 30 day money back guarantee with only 1% returns. That's pretty good! Skin care is very personal though. Thats why the guarantee is so important. Try it for 29 days and if you don't love it, just return it :)

  2. Well can't wait to see you post your results. I have been looking for something for the forehead region...and their video showed some really good results in that region. I just kinda freak on the hard sales pitching of making you your own boss kinda thang! About out of my last stuff Strivectin (sp?), when it's gone I'll be a looking for something "new"! What I hate, is buying and waiting the 3-4-6 weeks or however long they promise, and then - ziltch...nothing! And now I've wasted 3-6 weeks for this? LOL!!! Keep us posted chica!

  3. I know I have got to get that page set up correctly LOL. It is all over the place covering everything from the product, to selling the product etc. I must work on that! For now click on Results, in the top right hand corner and that give the product information.If you were here I could loan you a bottle for 10 days to see how it works on your forehead. I can send you a sample pack from the company though. Its a five day sampler, so not much time for it to work, but it definitely it gives you a feel for the product. Some people see some skin improvement in 5 day days. I believe 10-20 days is a much better assessment. You just take your before picture, then again at 2 or 3weeks of using it. You should see changes in your skin, but if you aren't seeing enough results absolutely return it.


  4. Hey I'm game, seriously...let me know how you want to do this!

  5. Ok, never mind, checked the page, and sent you a contact message with my addy. Thanks!!




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