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Todays card project idea is by Melissa Tom. Melissa is a very talented paper crafter who is in the same scrapbook club I am. Melissa loves her Silhouette Cameo and has been really encouraging me to use mine. When I saw Melissa's baby dresser card I knew I wanted to go home and immediately make my own. The fun thing about this project is how many different looks you can create just by switching your paper. Melissa used brown craft paper for her dresser and it really made the colors of the onesie and fabric pop. I chose patterned papers for a more hand painted dresser look. Melissa was also super clever by making drawers for the dresser shape. Just by adding the 3d drawers it took the design to another level. If there was one thing this project taught me about using my Cameo, is how easy it is to make these subtle changes to designs. The machine really is amazing, and fun, and I am looking forward to many more great projects to come. 

For this Project you will need:

Silhouette Cameo machine

Scrapbook or card stock paper

Blank card


Pop dots

Tape Runner

Small piece of scrap fabric

Download the Dresser image (#9811) from the Silhouette store. Decide on the size of your dresser based on how large you want your card. I cut mine to fit on a 6.5" x 5" card.

Draw a Rectangle inside the dresser for a drawer. Using the shape of the dresser as a guide for how big to make your rectangle. Copy and paste two more so that you have 3 drawers.

Move the rectangles off the dresser so they cut separately.

Download a hanger shape (#19300) and a onesie shape. 
*I already had a onesie card downloaded so I simply erased the other half of the onesie card. 

Keep the dresser shape on the screen when you add the hanger and onesie shapes so that you can size the shapes to fit onto the dresser. 

Once your have your pieces sized up remove the dresser from the screen and cut the hanger in a different paper color than the dresser. Copy and paste more than one hanger if you plan on creating additional cards.

Next cut the onesie in different colored paper than the dresser and the hanger. Again copy and paste multiple onesies if you want to create additional cards.

Add decorative brads to the dresser drawer rectangles to create drawer pulls.

Use pop dots to attach the drawers to the dresser. 

Use tape runner to attach the onesie and hanger to the dresser.

Cut a small piece of matching scrap fabric and tape runner sticking from outside the bottom drawer.

Attach a piece of decorative card stock to your blank card, and add your dresser.


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