Happy New Year & Influenza B

Sadly I did not get to all of my holiday posts this year (including the rest of our scrapbook clubs beautiful tags) because my family was hit with the flu. We got Influenza B. Let me tell you it is one nasty flu bug. I wanted to pass on info about Influenza B for a couple of reasons. First it is not in the flu shot this year. Normally Influenza A and B are mixed into the shot. This year B was left out. So just because you got the flu shot, does not mean you cannot get the flu. Also, if you know the symptoms of Influenza B and contract it, hopefully you can get in and get swabbed to start on Tamiflu (the flu medication) right away. In order to be effective Tamiflu must be taken within 48 hours of flu symptoms. I was the only one in my family who was able to get on it, as I was the last to get it. I just read that many states including Utah and Wyoming are reporting heavy Influenza B activity. So do yourself a favor if you are suddenly taken with chills, sore throat, and a nagging cough and head over to an urgent care and get swabbed for influenza. If you catch it quick enough Tamiflu will lessen the severity and duration of it. Now I am happy to report on New Years day that we are feeling so much better! I hope none of you have to suffer through the flu this year. Just in case you do start to feel icky, and are not sure if it might be influenza here are the list of symptoms: 

The list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for Influenza B includes the 19 symptoms listed below:
Heres to a healthy and happy new year!


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