Archetypes, who are you?

I recently read a fun book Archetypes, who are you? by Caroline Myss. The basic premise is that we are all born with a certain fingerprint characteristic. It is in our inherent nature to gravitate toward certain things. The book is a modern take on Carl Jung's theories. The problem is sometimes we lose our fingerprint as we grow older, trying to be, and live, like someone we are not. I thought the book was a great reminder to celebrate, and nurture who you really are. 

There is also a fun sister site  where you  can take a little quiz to discover your Archetypes. Once you take the quiz you have your own personal archetype page where they post daily articles based on your interests. It's a very creative, and visually interesting site, and it's free. Check it out and take your archetype quiz!

I also wanted to share this great Alan Watt's video as a reminder to be true to yourself, and encourage your children to do the same.


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