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Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend! 
Todays "Blog Lovin'" is Creatively Living at 
I like to check this blog out for great decorating ideas that are not only inexpensive, but personal. Katie Goldsworthy definitely has the magic touch for turning a little into a lot. Her blog description says it all "We are a military family of 7, so houses must come big and inexpensive, and made beautiful as we go, turning what most would see as trash, into treasure". 


The Rebel Crafter


  1. I found the blog "Creative Living" about 2 months ago via Bloglovin and the time I spent on the blog was all worth it! They always have new and fresh ideas to share to everyone.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! I feel pretty lucky to be on your list!

    Hope the move is going well! Looking fwd to seeing your new home projects.



Hi! My name is Lisa! I'm a Digital Artist and have crafted my whole life! This blog is all about sharing my passion for handmade art, the trends and fashion. Creating something one of a kind is always in style. You made it and no one does you better.

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