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If you paint furniture you probably already know about missmustardseed. If not it is full of useful information and inspiration for furniture painting and home decorating. The one great thing about moving is that I am getting the bug to decorate. I love her philosophy "move mountains in your home". It has really gotten me thinking about how I want to bring so much more of me and my creative works into my home as opposed to just buying commercially made things.

Say hello to “French Enamel”

’twas the night before Lucketts

DSC_1783 (424x640)
Well, here it is...Lucketts Eve.  I am about as nervous and excited as a kid before Christmas.  I've been preparing and shopping for weeks and I'm now just over 12 hours away from the event.  Whew. We dropped our stuff off at Lucketts yesterday, but it's just stacked under a tent, not arranged in any particular fashion.  I know it's going to be a frenzie to get it all set up tomorrow, so …

Say hello to “Mustard Seed”

DSC_1740 (424x640) (2)
Come on...what else could I name the yellow in my milk paint line?  Yep.  It's "Mustard Seed" yellow. It's sort of a warm honey, muted mustard color.  I started out with a stronger yellow, but it looked more like school bus than mustard seed, so I had to go back to the drawing (mixing) board and I'm happy with where I landed.  I think it's a perfect yellow for a piece of furniture.  … [Read more...]

Say hello to “Tricycle”

DSC_1721 (424x640)
Well, I am totally whipped.  I have actually resorted to giving myself pep talks over the last couple of days.  "Ok, Marian.  Just paint this dresser.  That's all you need to do right now, then you can focus on the next thing."  I have made everyone promise to force me to get in bed early tonight.  The truck is loaded (I can't believe I filled a 17' truck!), I'm finished with all of my … [Read more...]


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