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I don't live in a hip manhattan apartment, or flat in London, but I think this interior design and do it yourself blog brings a little inspiration to my suburban home. I appreciate the use of big design into small spaces. Regardless if your home is big or small, city, or country you can always find a gem of an idea here.

5-17-12 bookshelf 1.jpg
It is a grand thing for kids to have a multitude of books, but not always so grand when it comes to storage. We are always on the lookout for fresh takes on book management. Here is one created for a playroom that is simple to make, inexpensive and looks great filled with a bunch of children's books. MORE
Name: Ruthie
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
My boy and I bought our 100 yr old Victorian fixer upper home 8 yearrs ago, 2 months before we were married, in a neighborhood called East Nashville in Nashville, Tennessee. MORE

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  1. I like it all! They are all different but with fun.



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