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Hurray I am finally moved! Now I can get to unpacking my craft supplies. The great news is that I love my new house, and even better so does my Husband and Daughter. It is great when everyone is happy! In the meantime while I unpack my crafts here are some fun web finds. Thanks again for your patience during my move!

Make some beautiful silk roses for hair clips and clothes.

Adorable polaroid style necklace.

I need to make my dog Bella a new one!

Looks divine, and even better it is no bake.

Make a fancy puppet theater.

Love this zipper tank.

And this sweet button jacket!

It's good to be home!


The Rebel Crafter


  1. Thanks for posting two of my posts. I absolutely love the DIYs and fashion inspiration on the Trash to Couture blog. The racer back is here: http://truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/post/24477510929/diy-zipper-back-tank-restyle-tutorial-i-love and the skull button jacket is from a wonderful blog (that I miss so much), Mr Peacock, that stopped publishing in June 2010 but is still worth looking at.

  2. Fun, yummy, different! Good selection.

  3. Glad you're all settling in after the house move, its a v stressful time but now life can get back to normal :-) Love your web finds as always, you manage to find the most gorgeous makes! x

  4. Glad you are all settled in. I've missed your posts. Check this my post if you would. I brag about you a bit.

  5. I've missed your posts! but I know it's probably because you are up to something fabulous whether it be in your new house or a new craft!
    Hope to see you soon!



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