Designer Decoupage Pumpkins

Since fall decorating is in full swing I thought I would repost my Vera Bradley Inspired Decoupage Pumpkin Project. I used Vera Bradley napkins, but any pattern napkin looks great. I especially like the leopard print from Caspari. The nice thing about these pumpkins is that they can be left out through Thanksgiving. You can find luncheon napkins at home decorating stores, and discount stores like TJ Maxx. Use the luncheon rectangle sized paper napkins (bigger and longer) as opposed to the smaller square ones. 

You will need:

Decorative Paper hand towels (I used Vera Bradley and leopard print ones)
Plastic Pumpkin
Mod Podge
Foam Brush or Paint Brush
Ribbon ands Charm (optional)
White Spray Paint (optional)
Plastic Gloves (optional)

Decide on a paper napkin design. Leopard print is very easy. The print is easily repeated. The bolder the pattern the easier to follow the repeat around the pumpkin. Tiny patterns are a little trickier, but they look very cute done patchwork style. If your paper has a lot of white on it you may want to spray paint your pumpkin white so no color bleeds through. I did not spray my pumpkins white, but I would consider it when I make them again. It would create the clearest image on the pumpkin. One of my pumpkins was already distressed white and I liked the results on that one very much.

Unfold the paper towel. You will see there is an extra white sheet behind the patterned paper. 

Unpeel the inner white sheet

Cut or tear the napkins in a few strips

Trim off any border detail on the napkin.

Apply Mod Podge with your brush to a section of the pumpkin the size of your paper 

Press your Paper down gently being careful not to tear it. Tap it gently. Using plastic gloves makes this easier.

Apply a light coat of Mod Podge over your strip.

Apply the next paper towel strip lining up the pattern as best as you can. (follow the order you tore the paper). It doesn't have to be perfect, but it looks more seamless this way.

Continue around the pumpkin. Let dry and do the bottom.

Once you are finished give your Pumpkin one or two coats overall of Mod Podge.
Once dry your pumpkin will look great! You can add embellishments like a ribbon and charm if desired. If you are like me, you will have to make a variety of sizes, and patterns, for a fabulous pumpkin display.



  1. These are really cute!

  2. I adore these and put them on my to do list!!(might be this year if I'm lucky) I'm your newest follower-stop on by for a visit! Claire

  3. Wanted you to know I featured these on my Saturday favorites-have a great weekend! Claire



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