Betsey Johnson Inspired Half Stretch Bracelet

I have to give Betsey Johnson major kudos for this design! Stretch bracelets are by far one of the easiest bracelets to make since you don't use clasps and jewelers wire, just Stretch Magic, knots, and some glue. Plus they fit just about every wrist size so they make gift giving easy. However I had become a little bored of stretch bracelets, and really, truly love charm bracelets. Then I saw Betsey's Half Stretch Bracelets on her website and was inspired! This design is a marriage of the stretch bracelet and the charm bracelet. You attach links of chains to the stretch material for an instant, updated stretch bracelet. It can be totally personalized because of the charms. Love bees, get bee charms. Love dogs, get dog charms. What did I use on some of my bracelets? A swallow, skull, tattoo gun (love my tattoos), and a hand grenade for my favorite band Green Day. (We Rebel Crafters have to keep some things we make after all). I know you will love making these bracelets. Hurray for Betsey, she is the stuff!

For this Project you will need:

Stretch Magic Stretchy Bead Cord (I used .7 size. Make sure to get it slim enough to get through your bead holes. I found .7 to be a good size).

Chain Links (you can buy links of chain in the Jewelry Supply Sections, or recycle from broken necklaces). Try a variety of colors and sizes for even more drama.

One Large Charm and smaller charms with Jump Rings. Some good places to find charms are Michaels, Etsy and Create for Less.

Beads ( I used large pearls but any medium to large beads are great).

Spacers for beads (optional)

E6000 Glue or Clear Nail Polish

Tape (optional)


Wire cutters and/or small pliers to cut chain links.

Start by cutting about 12 inches of Stretch Magic 

Attach a piece of tape to one end to make beading easier. (optional) This way the beads cannot fall off. 

Decide on the length of your bracelet, to decide how long to cut your chains.

Divide bead and chain length in half.

Example: For a 7 1/2" bracelet, cut the chain lengths 3 3/4" and string beads to 3 3/4", 
for a 7" bracelet cut chain lengths to 3 1/2" and bead to 3 1/2"

Cut 3 chains. I prefer 3 separate style chains to make it interesting, but you can use 3 of the same. I used a wire cutter to cut the link. If soft enough you may be able to bend the link apart to separate.

Add your beads and spacers to the stretch magic 

FYI do not start with a spacer bead. It is best to start and end with a large bead so the small knot created with the stretch magic hides better inside the bigger bead hole.

Next slip on your 3 chains. You can also combine your three chains onto one jump ring and that is what you will tie the Stretch Magic onto. I skipped the jump ring here. 

Knot your chains up next to the beads. Tie a slip knot just like tying a pair of shoe laces. Make sure your knot is good and tight. 

Apply a drop of E6000 glue to the knot or clear nail polish.

Take the opposite side of stretch magic and knot through the ends of the 3 chain links. This is slightly trickier since you need to make sure there is no slack. It is easiest to pull the Stretch Magic a little while knotting.

Get your knot good and tight.

Add a drop of E6000 glue or clear nail polish to the knot.

When dry, trim off Stretch magic tails.

Your new and improved stretch bracelet is ready for charms!

Attach one large charm with a jump ring to the center of a chain link.

Randomly attach other charms on the links. 5-6 Charms is a good number. 


The Rebel Crafter


  1. I love this! Awesome tutorial! Please stop by my link up and share this. :)

  2. This is fantastic, I'm so going to try this, thanks for sharing :)

  3. Love the bracelets!! I will definitely be making some!!!

  4. Cute! I found your blog on TipJunkie!

  5. I want the pink bracelet!

  6. where did you find the cute charms, etc. that you attached to the chain! I love these!!

  7. Thanks! Some of the charms are from Etsy under "supplies". The round leopard and skull ones are from the supplier crushcrush. You have to use the pull down tab at the top page of Etsy to find "supplies". The hearts and the large pink gem are from Michael's. One chain is from Hobby Lobby. (They often have jewelry supplies at 50% off). One chain is from a bracelet I no longer liked. The chains are fun to find on old discarded jewelry. The pearl bead charms are made from putting a pearl or bead onto an earring wire, snipping the wire short and bending it into a jump ring. You can turn any bead into a charm this way.

  8. Aw how much do I love these! Just gorgeous!

  9. Beautiful. Thank you so much for linking up to last weeks show and share. Make sure to come back and link up this week with your latest project.

    A mommy's life...with a touch of yellow

  10. So cool!! I love them!! Making them a favorite tomorrow at this week's party! Hope you'll come grab a button!

  11. So lovely, I'm addicted to everything Betsy! Very glad that you were able to join us at Pin'Inspiration Thursday.

    Happy new follower :-)

  12. Ditto on Betsey :) Make sure you check out our Betsey handbag contest! It ends in one week. I am ready to mail this cute handbag to someone very soon!

  13. Thanks so much for sharing this. I am so inspired. What acute blog you have. Love all your ideas!!

  14. I am starting to make jewelry so this was fun to see. Merry Christmas.

  15. Love, so going to have to make me one. I am going to feature you on Thursday at Bacon Time :)

  16. Hi again, I was going to let you know I made two bracelets already! I am keeping one for me, and one I added to my shop. I will be wearing the bracelet in my next what I wore post, and I will make sure to give your blog a shout out in it. Thanks again for your inspiration.

  17. Anonymous12/02/2011

    Saw these Betsey Johnson bracelets in the store the other day and WOW, yours looks just like them... but better, because it's customisable.

  18. Great tutorial. These bracelets look awesome

  19. Thanks for the great compliments! I am so glad Mindie enjoyed making the bracelets!

  20. Love this!!! definitely using your tutorial. Thanks for sharing. :) Your newest follower.

  21. Totally awesome!!! Great idea. I'm going to have to do this!!

    --Katie @ Creatively Living

  22. I just pinned this so that one day when I build up enough confidence, I will make this. Thanks for linking this at Drab to Fab. I just love your stuff (but I'm sure I've mentioned that already). :)
    Amy @ Sugar and Spice

  23. Your projects are amazing. Glad to be one of your newest followers. I have a lot of catching up to do.


  24. I like the white one a lot, it's very pretty, you did an awesome job! Thank you the tutorial, I linked it in a serie I'm writing for my blog (, hope you don't mind :)

  25. I love the idea and look of these -- but I have to wonder if the weight of the chains and charms would stretch the elastic, enlarging the bracelet size. Has anyone worn one of these for any length of time to test that possibility?



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