Vintage Holiday Gift Tags

I recently participated in a tag swap with my scrapbook club. The tags everyone made are absolutely beautiful, and I will be sharing them with you. A really nice tag can make your holiday package seem a little extra special. I want to show how easy it is to create a vintage look tag. You simply print the vintage clip art onto card stock, trim, and using glossy accents, or clear glue embellish with glitter. I liked a combination of fine prism glitter and craft sparkles larger glitter. Stamp or print "to: & from:" on the back, add a lovely ribbon and you are done. Or you can take your tags to the next level adding charms, and beaded ribbon. Either way make them your packages will look extra special.

To start print out your free vintage tag art from the cottage dreamer blog site:

Trim, and punch a ribbon hole. 

Pick areas of the card to embellish with glitter. I used ultra fine and candy cane craft sparkles. The larger craft sparkles give the tag that vintage feel. 

Go over the beard, and then the corners of the tag with glossy accents with a little fine glitter but sprinkle well with the larger craft sparkles.

Pick a few areas and add some glossy accents with just the fine glitter. I did the santa hat and branches.

Stamp or write to and from on the back of the tag. 

Consider adding some holiday charms. Using a baby safety pin, or jump ring, add some festive beads. Attach to the top with the ribbon.

To add beaded ribbon to the bottom of the card: Trim a piece of beaded ribbon and attach to the back of the tag with tape runner. Next cover the ribbon with a piece of card stock cut the size of the back of the tag. This way the beads will only show at the bottom of the tag.


The Rebel Crafter

Check back for more holiday tags!

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