Hip Gifts To Make

Have a teen or hip relative and need some inspiration on what to make them this holiday? Look no further, here are some fun ideas.

Add studs to a notebook. Instant cool.

Make some trendy rings to give and keep.

Create a woven map notebook.

Awww knit up a monster kit.

Make a recycled water bottle holder.

Recycled earrings craft.

Paint recycled lightbulbs with pearlescent and gold paint. 

I want to make this ruffled scarf in gray-off to the yarn store!

Hand paint some leggings.

Make a Lego necklace.

I love it spray painted silver.

Paint a pair of cheap tennies.

Great arm warmers to knit!


The Rebel Crafter


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Hi! My name is Lisa! I'm a Digital Artist and have crafted my whole life! This blog is all about sharing my passion for handmade art, the trends and fashion. Creating something one of a kind is always in style. You made it and no one does you better.

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