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I'm back after a nice break! I had eye surgery that transitioned right into our Spring break. I thought I would kick off the new week with a fun project that could also be a great personalized gift. I saw a latitude and longitude pillow at a boutique and knew I wanted to make my own version. For this project you will need a cutting machine or stencils. I used the Silhouette Cameo machine, but you could also use the Cricut machine with the Cricut software. I wanted a "typewriter" typestyle so I preferred using a cutting machine over stencils. If you don't have a cutting machine see if you have a scrapbooking friend who does. If not, store bought stencils will work fine. Just buy two different size stencil packs so your numbers are slightly smaller than your letters. Latitude and longitude coordinates can be found easily online. Have fun making these pillows for your favorite cities, home town, or places you have lived. Give two to a friend that is moving, one with their old town, and one with their new one. Give a pair to a wedding couple with their birth cities, and maybe a third with their honeymoon location. The possibilities are endless!

For This Project You Will Need:

Silhouette Cameo Cutting machine or Other Cutting Machine

*Option Two: Store Bought Stencils (Michael's, office supply stores) in two sizes

Card Stock 12"x12"

Heavy Black Cotton Fabric Like Duck Cotton 

Stuffing or Pillow Insert

Fabric Paint Or

Acrylic Paint (I used a Light Gray) & Textile Medium (turns acrylic paint into textile paint)

Sponge Pouncers or Small Paint Sponge

Tape Runner ( I used Mono Tombo and it left no residue on the fabric) or you can use double stick tape

To start find out out your latitude and longitude coordinates for your city online. You can google this for several site choices. Here are a couple sites :,+IL    Type in your city in place of Chicago, IL on the right hand side where it says Latitude/Longitude.

Once you have your coordinates (round up if needed) go into your Silhouette Machine Software.

Type the city name.

Select a type style you like. I chose "American Typewriter" type.

Stretch the city name to fit across most of the 12" diameter.

Next type the coordinates underneath the city name. 

Type the degrees coordinates first then shift to a lower line for the next coordinates. 

I chose to space over to the left or right a little with the second line of coordinates so they were not perfectly lined up.

After the second coordinates choose the colon for the slash mark.

Next make a degree sign. 

Create a small circle shape the size of the degree sign you want. 

Create another slightly smaller circle and drag it into the middle of the first circle. (you could also type a zero, and then type another smaller zero and drag it over the first). 

Select both circles and copy and paste so you have two of them.

Next select the two circles and drag them to where you want the degree signs.

Once you are happy with your design attach your 12" x 12" card stock to the sticky cutting pad and have the machine cut your image.

*If you are using stencils instead of a machine you will need to create a degree sign by cutting a circle and using a hole punch for the inner circle. 

Carefully peel the paper off of the sticky pad making sure to lift up on letter parts to keep them from tearing.

You will be left with your words but not the "inside" of the letters.

Take a pair of tweezers and pull off the parts of letters you will need from the sticky cutting pad.

Lay out your fabric.

Use tape runner on the back side of the cut paper making sure to run along little letter parts that might not stay down.

Turn over and press down onto the fabric making sure it is pretty smooth.

Next tape runner the "inside" parts of your letters and adhere on the fabric.
(For example I had to tape on the inside of the letter D, the letter e, and the  numbers 9, 4, and 0).

When your image is ready put some light gray fabric paint (or acrylic paint and textile medium) onto a paper plate. 

Dab your sponge pouncer into the paint. Be careful not to get too much paint onto the pouncer.

Dab the paint onto the stenciled area. I wanted a slightly "distressed" stamped look to my pillow so I made sure to not use too much paint, and to vary the paint.  Sometimes I pressed a little harder, sometimes lighter.

Let dry and carefully peel off the paper.

Use tweezers to pick off the inside letters.

Now trim your fabric and cut another piece for the back and turn into a pillow. This part is up to you how fancy you want your pillow. I made mine a simple rectangle, straight stitched and stuffed.

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  1. Cute pillow! I love the idea.
    Have a lovely week!

  2. this will be a great gift idea for my brother! thank you!

  3. I am in LOVE with these pillows! Found them on pinterest... would love for you to share them on my first ever blog linky party... ( Thanks for sharing!


  4. You made this!! WOW you are good! Great tutorial!
    I would love if you link this and French posts you have to my French Obsession party on Monday! My readers would love it!
    New follower also on GFC. I would really like a follow back.


  5. Wow...I love your pillows and you make them look so much easier than I expected them to be! Great Job! I also LOVE your french bench on one of your other posts...
    I am a new follower :)...thank you!

  6. OK...these are SO AWESOME! Super great idea! Love the way they came out. I appreciate your detailed tutorial, as well! Excited to have found you!

  7. These are great! So fun. Thanks for linking up at Etcetorize~

  8. I am inviting you to come and be part of my blog hop:

  9. Your pillows are so cute. Thanks for the website info. I saw you at Happy Hour' party.

    Have a great weekend,

  10. These are awesome pillows! You are so creative. Thank you so much for sharing on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Have a wonderful holiday.


  11. Such a cute idea . They turned out fantastic!
    Happy Easter!
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  12. I love this pillow because it has words (I love words and numbers on pillows), but it's different then other ones I've seen.
    I'll be putting this one on my "to-do" list!
    Thanks for linking!

  13. Love, love, love those pillows! What a great idea! Thanks for the tutorial!

  14. Love the pillows and the nicely detailed tutorial!

  15. These are really cute! Wish I had one of those fancy machines! Thanks for sharing on Show Off Saturday.


  16. Love it! Think I might like this better than some of the things being done with maps!
    Featuring you in tomorrow's Show & Share!

  17. Love it! Wish I had a silhouette.

  18. Love this. Great job. I like that you kept the pillow simple it makes the wording stand out more. Great job. Thanks for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.

  19. Really cool. Never seen the latitude/longitude idea before. Are you from Chicago? I am!

    Thanks for partying with me at Drab to Fab. Here's the link to this weeks, party! Come on back to share more of your lovely looks.

    Have a lovely weekend! :)

    Amy @ Sugar and Spice

  20. You have the best tutorials. So talented! Thanks for linking to the French party!

  21. This site is quick and easy for getting your (or any location's) latitude and longitude coordinates.

  22. I love these pillows! I found your post via a pin from Silhouette's main boards. Great tutorial and a fun twist on all the typography that is so popular right now.



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