Halloween Leftovers= Wine Bottle Skins

The other evening I had a party to attend and I wanted to take a gift of wine in something fun. I had a pair of unworn fishnet stockings from Halloween and from there this project was created. If you have any leftover fishnets, tattoo sleeves, or kitty cat tights from Halloween turn them into adorable Wine Bottle covers. No leftovers? Not a problem with Halloween stuff 50% off or more. I picked up a pair or leopard kitty tights, and tattoo sleeves on sale in the Halloween aisle. You can make 4 skins from a pair of tattoo sleeves, and 4 to 6 from a pair of tights. At .50 a cover (actually less for the tights) it is cheaper than a gift bag, and definitely more interesting. I'll show how to create a "Wine Skin" from tattoo sleeves, or decorative tights, and a "Wine Corset" from fishnet stockings. Both projects are fast and easy.

For the Wine Skins you will need:
Decorative Tights or Tattoo sleeves (the mens sleeves are slightly larger for bigger bottles of wine, but they will both make 4 skins). *12/7/11 FYI just saw tattoo sleeves at The Dollar Tree.
Ribbon (optional) or Feather Boa and glue dots or double sided tape to apply 

For a Regular Sized Wine Bottle:

Cut the sleeve approximately 7-8 " and pull over wine bottle. If you have the bottle of wine you can  pull the sleeve over the bottle and cut where the neck starts to make it fit perfectly. 

Attach a bow with a glue dot (optional) or feather boa material with double sided tape or glue (optional). Thats all there is to it!

For a Tall Narrow Wine Bottle:

Cut the sleeve a little longer approximately 10 "

Thread a piece of thin ribbon onto a wide eyed needle. 

Weave the ribbon though the top of the sleeve and pull to gather around the wine neck. You can also cut slits at the top and hand weave the ribbon through.
Attach a decorative sticker (optional)

For the Wine Corset you will need:
Fishnet stockings
Thin Ribbon
Wide eyed needle (optional)
Stick on gems for embellishment (optional)

Cut a piece of the stocking approximately 7-8"  If you have the bottle of wine you can slide the stocking over it and cut where the neck starts so it will fit perfectly.

Thread a piece of thin ribbon onto a wide eyed needle. If you have the wine bottle it is easy to lace up the ribbon while it is on the bottle. 

Start lacing by putting your ribbon straight across about 2-3" wide about 2/3 the way up the stocking piece.

Lace up to the left and to the right by counting 3 holes above the lower ribbon.

Do not pull. If you pull, the fabric will gather, lace very loosely.

Attach a small gem to each ribbon end for embellishment (optional) or tie in a loose bow.

Rock your wine!


The Rebel Crafter


  1. OMG! Those are the best dressed bottle I have ever seen! Thanks...I love this idea!!

  2. Love this idea, it combines my two favourite things, crafts and wine... :-)

  3. I love your blog. You have such fun ideas. I'm a new follower.

  4. Too Cool! Awesome idea!
    Hopping by from a weekend how. I am your newest follower. I hope that you can follow me too. www.indianacouponsavings.com

  5. Very original! Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. I'm so glad you shared this fun project at Etcetorize last week! You're being featured. Come on over and grab a button~

  7. Anonymous12/09/2011

    Brilliant ideas! Passed this on to a handy/crafty friend of mine! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Anonymous1/02/2012

    Love them!

  9. love all rs ideas :)



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