Photo Wine Charms Using Facebook

I wanted to do something unique with wine charms so I made this tutorial on how to easily create your own photo wine charms using only a few supplies. We all have the same family or friends that come over, so why not create a personalized wine charm for them to use? This is a fun and new take on the wine charm, and a great conversation starter. Create photo charms of your friends, family, and celebrities. Great for parties, as well as favors. They are easy to make, you just need a computer, printer, laminating sheets, and some wine charm wire. But how to get good photos of your friends and relatives without bugging them?...Facebook! Almost everyone has a Facebook page and they choose photos of themselves that they actually like. If one of your friends doesn't have a Facebook page chances are a photo of them will show up on someone else's. Of course the fun comes in making up extras of celebrities. Which celebrity would you choose? This project definitely puts the fun back into wine charms!

For this project you will need:

Computer and Printer

Photo Printing Paper or cardstock (I found my pack of 8.5x11 photo sheets at the Dollar Tree)

Self Laminating Sheets

Wine Charm Wire Loops or Wire Earring Findings

Small Charms or Beads(optional)

Jump Rings (optional)

Go to the Facebook Page of the person you want to use for a charm and click on their page. Do not use the first avatar photo in the top left corner, instead click on their "WALL". 

Choose the avatar photo in the top left corner of the wall page. The wall photo is bigger than the opening page and will be higher resolution so it will shrink down and print clearer.

Click on the photo and save it to your computer. If you have a Mac click on the photo and drag it onto the computer screen to save it. 

***If you would rather not do any photo editing to add a frame, and want to keep it extra simple you can skip to the next asterisk part. Your charms won't have a frame or name, but they will look just as cute.

For those of you who would like a frame and name on your wine charm,  go to 
It is a free online photo editing tool. 

Click "get started".

Next click "Upload a Photo" and choose the picture you just saved.

Click on Auto Correct under Basic Edits Tab (optional)

Click on the upper tab "Frames" and pick your frame style. I chose the polaroid frame. 

If you choose polaroid make sure you move the slider under the polaroid frame to 0 or it will be on an angle.

Next click on the Tab "Text" and type in their name.

Click on the different typestyles to choose the one you like. 

Click on the text box and drag the box smaller to shrink the words so they will fit onto the frame.

Now Save your photo.

***If you didn't choose to add a frame or text this is where the tutorial continues.

On your computer Create a word document. I created my document on pages on my Mac.

Add your saved photo to the document

Click on the photo and drag it down to make it smaller. I found a width of 1.25 to work well with the polaroid frames. 

If you want to make more than one charm of the same person (for gifts) just click on the photo and select "copy" then "paste".

Do a test print of your photo sheet to make sure you have made the charms the size you would like.

If all looks good print the photo sheet on photographic paper, or choose the "highest quality" print setting to print on cardstock.

Now laminate your photo sheet by covering the front and back of your the printed sheet with self laminating paper. Be careful when applying so you do not create any bubbles or wrinkles. 

Once applied smooth out the paper well with your thumb and the photo will become clear. Make sure to rub with something smooth to not show any scratch lines.

Cut out your photo charms with scissors or a paper cutter.

Poke a hole at the top of your photo charm with a needle, tool, or small paper punch.

Attach a jump ring to your photo. (optional)

Attach the photo charm to your wine charm wire.

Attach small charms or beads (optional). 

Have fun making up charms of friends and family members. While you are at it find celebrities on Facebook for extra photo charms. If you choose a celebrity photo off of the internet instead of Facebook make sure the photo is large enough so it shrinks down as a wine charm clearly. 

Could someone let Billie Joe Armstrong know I have his wine charm waiting in case he wants to stop by? (ok I admit he is my celebrity crush).



The Rebel Crafter

Weekend Web Finds

Here are this weekends web finds. Just click on the photo or link to get more information.

Simple creative ideas for a stunning mantle.

Refashion a plain tshirt into a stylish one.

Adorable elf stocking tutorial.

Colorful uniquely shaped picture frames. 

Make retro looking greeting cards using recycled cards. 

Fun, vivid deer art.

Use a paper punch to create pretty votives.

How to create this cute glamed up baby tshirt.

Check back very soon for our newest tutorial.


The Rebel Crafter

Boudoir Slippers

I have been wanting a pair of fancy flower slippers. They seem like the perfect accompaniment to pair of silk pajamas for ultimate luxury femme fatale look. The slippers I like are over $50 a pair so I decided I would create my own and share with my readers how to make them. I love projects that are inexpensive to make but look like they were purchased at a boutique store. I found the ballet flat slippers at Walgreens for $5 a pair. I spent a couple dollars more for the pair with the leopard insoles from Walmart because I adore leopard. The faux silk flowers were also from Walmart, and at $3 a batch you can create more than one pair of slippers with them. What girly girl wouldn't love opening up a pair of these adorable slippers this holiday season? Combine them with a lavender sachet or silk pajamas and you will have the perfect gift for the femme fatale in your life.

You will need:

Ballet Flat style Slippers (Walgreens $5, also at Walmart). If you find them cheaper somewhere let us know to share with our readers. 

Faux Silk Flowers (approximately 3-4 " in diameter). Try to find "flatter" flowers. You can use pointier ones but you will need to trim the back down.

Decorative Rhinestone Gem Brads (found in the scrapbooking section) (optional)
or Rhinestone Button for Flower Middle (optional)

E6000 Glue (If not using a brad)

Needle and Thread

Trim the tie off of your slippers.

Pop the flower off of the plastic stem.

Remove the back plastic part of the flower. 

Remove the flower head portion if attaching a brad. Leave the flower head on if no brad. (see step below)

Attach your decorative brad to put the flower back together. 

If your flower is not the flat style trim the back of the flower stem to get the back flat.

Add a good drop of glue to the back of the stem to hold the flower back together. I use E6000 glue.

After the glue is dry pull on the flower a little to make sure the glue held it all together nicely. Depending on the flower design you may need an additional drop of glue between a layer to hold the flower together.

If you're not using a brad trim the head of the flower flat and glue on a rhinestone or rhinestone button with the shank removed. (optional) The flower looks cute without the rhinestone as well.

Optional Step: Cut a few leaves from your batch of flowers and sew on the sides of the slipper. 

Sew the silk flower onto your slipper snugly. I attach from the middle, then stitched around the bottom leaves to hide any stitching. 

*** If you hate sewing you can glue the leaf and flower on the satin style slipper with E6000 glue. The glue works on fabric. This will not work well on the velvet or terry fabric, only the smooth satin style fabric.

Tada Instant Glam!


The Rebel Crafter

Happy Thanksgiving

Just wanted to say thanks for making my day and stopping by my blog. It means a lot to me! 
Check back within a day for a new tutorial. It is for the femme fatale in your life. In the meantime enjoy lots of good food!

If you'd like to make this card:

Cut two pieces of animal print paper. Both are from the animal paper pack at Michael's. It is a great pack of fun paper for only $3

Cut a skull and crossbones from the Cricut machine. Distress and mount on black cardstock.

Attach a scrapbook frame element without removing from the plastic. I like the plastic window look. Just trim around the element leaving adhered to the plastic and tape runner the square over your skull.

Stamp You rock on a small piece of cardstock and attach.

See you back very soon for a new gift idea tutorial!


The Rebel Crafter

Gluten Free and Vegan Pumpkin Cake

If you need to bake this Thanksgiving for someone who is gluten free or vegan this is a fast and easy dessert. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness that they can enjoy dessert too! Bake and serve in wide mouth pint glass to make the cake seem even more special. This can be prepared the day before Thanksgiving, just cover the top of the jar with saran wrap, and it will still be moist and fresh the next day.

1 box Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cake Mix

1/2 box of Jello Brand Pumpkin Pie flavored Instant Pudding

1/2 cup Coconut Oil (melted in microwave, about 30 seconds)

1/2 cup Canned Pumpkin

2/3 Cup Water

4 1/2 tsp EnerG Egg Replacer and 6 Tablespoons of Water (or use 3 eggs if no egg replacer needed)

2 tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice

1 tsp Cinnamon

2 tsp Vanilla

5-6 Pint Size Wide Mouth Glass Jars greased with coconut oil

Frosting: Duncan Hines Gluten Free Cream Cheese or vanilla frosting mixed with 1 1/2 tsp of Pumpkin Pie Spice

Mix all cake ingredients and blend on medium for two minutes. If batter is a little thick add an additional tablespoon or two of water.

Pour batter into each jar 1/3 full. Do not exceed 1/2 full or batter will rise to the top of the jar leaving no room for frosting.

Place glass jars on a baking tray and bake at 350 degrees for approximately 35 minutes or until the toothpick comes clean. (Periodically check after 30 minutes till done).

Top each cake with the spicy frosting and garnish the jar with a ribbon.


The Rebel Crafter

Weekend Web Finds

Here were some of my favorite weekend web finds:

Love this cape.

This is such a great idea to create unique lampshades with decorative paper.

I need to make this rockin' wristlet

Such a pretty ear warmer.

BTW I found this ear warmer project from
Check out the blog, it is wonderful

I do have a thing for chocolate mint desserts, what a beautiful cake.

Such an adorable photo op gift.

Mmm this sure looks delish!

This is such a creative and interesting idea.



Rockin' Teen and Kids $1.00 Gloves

I recently went shopping for gloves and found the choices so dull that the Rockin' Dollar Glove project was born. It didn't matter if the gloves were $1 or $40, they were equally ho hum. Our hands are important, they are the focus of conversation, why not have an eye catching pair of gloves on them? I used Skulls and Swallows Iron On Rhinestone designs, but there are several other styles to choose from such as crosses, peace signs, and hearts. I ended up having so much fun with this project I can pretty much guarantee another glove tutorial in the future. For those of you in a warm climate, I apologize, this project is for the rest of us not so fortunate. Although you lucky ones probably have a friend or relative somewhere chilly to send some. I love these gloves as gifts for tween and teen girls, but I'm totally keeping a pair for myself. I definitely need some rockin' new gloves.

You will need:

A pair of knit gloves (I purchased mine at Target. They currently sell 2 pair for $2.00. Michael's also sells them. ** 12/8/11 2 pair for $1 at Dollar Tree*** 11/26/11 Walmart for $1.40 for 2 pair-deal!***

2 Matching Iron-On Rhinestones Designs. I used Tattoo inc. brand from Michael's. Get the smaller size to fit the gloves. (approx. $1.99) 

Embellishments (optional) : Charms, Buttons, Ribbon, Chain link. I used Beads Landing, and Jewelry essential charms. You can find them at Michaels and Create For Less. Etsy also has great charms.

Needle & Thread If You Want to Embellish (optional)  in color to match gloves (or monofilament thread)

Let's Get Started:

Follow the instructions on the Iron On Rhinestone package. 

My tips:

Be very careful peeling the sheet from the packaging. If a rhinestone comes loose you can put it back on individually.

Lay the design down lightly so it doesn't stick to the glove and line up where you'd like it.

Gently rub the design into the glove so it sticks. The packaging says to iron the material first so the fabric is warm.

This is an easy mistake to make. Make sure the thumbs point in so you don't mistakenly iron one on the wrong side of the glove. If you do you will have to go back and buy another pair to get the opposite hand.

Use a tissue over the iron-on and your iron on medium heat. The iron-on says to use high heat but these are acrylic cheap gloves and too high of heat will melt the material. I could tell on high heat it was looking shiny so I backed off.

Rhinestone Iron-Ons are tempermental. As you pull back if any stones don't adhere lay the design back down and iron again. 

If you have just one or two loose stones not sticking make sure they are facing the correct way (glue side down) as they can get flipped over.

Use the pointy end of the iron to get to those one or two stones not adhering. 

Pretty Cute Plain:

Now that you are done with the Iron-On you can decide if you want them more embellished. If so find cute charms to match the theme of your Iron-On.

Remove Jump ring on Charms. Make sure you attach to the actual charm and not the jump ring. The thread may work its way through the jump ring. 

Attach charms, and buttons to the gloves with needle and thread. 

If you choose to attach chains make sure you sew the chain on very snug. If not the thread may come loose through the chain link.

Like a little bling, just attach one charm on each side of the glove near the wrist. Like a lot of bling, add buttons and chains with the charms. At $1.00 a pair you can go crazy with the embellishing and they will still be a great deal. 

Even Cuter With Charms:

I can pretty much guarantee if you make these gloves for the teen girls in your life they will love them. I think the Mom's just might want a pair too.


The Rebel Crafter


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