Web Finds: Kids Photo Valentine

Here's a fun valentine from martha Stewart. Have your child make 3 signs and photograph holding them. Print them out and use tape runner (or double sided tape) to attach to a piece of folded card stock. Great for sending to the relatives!



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Free Valentine's Day Printables

Here are some fun Free Valentine's day Printables. I resized and printed a few of the sayings, popped them into my 5x7 frames, and displayed. Easy, and free holiday decorating.

Sew a Reversible Headband

Todays project is made by my good friend Barb Nesbett. Barb is one of the nicest people on this planet. I was lucky enough to have met her when we were both in the process of adopting our Daughters from China. Our Daughters were from the same orphanage so we were thrown together, along with 12 other families, to journey across the Pacific to become instant parents. That was a little over 8 years ago...time flies! Over the years I have received some wonderful homemade gifts from Barb whose favorite hobby is sewing. She recently gave my Daughter a pair of reversible headbands she had made so I asked her to share the how to's with all of you. It is such a fun way to use up those smaller pieces of quilting fabric!

For this project you will need:

Plain metal headband


Sewing machine and thread

Muslin, or other fabric to make your headband pattern

Air erasable sewing pen

To start:

Create a main pattern piece for the headband by cutting a piece of muslin, stabilizer fabric, or pattern paper: 15 1/2" long by approx. 2 3/4" wide.

Keep 4 inches at the 2 3/4" width (the top middle part of the headband where it is the widest) but then trim the sides evenly tapering to approximately 3/4" width. 

Pin or use quilters tape to hold your pattern in place and cut two different pieces of fabric.

Place the two pieces of fabric right sides together and sew using a 1/4" seam allowance. Make sure to leave one 3/4" end side open for turning.

Turn fabric right side out by using  a chopstick to gently push the closed end through.

Flatten and press.

Turn your open end in 1/4" and press. 

Now you need to sew two lines with a 5/8" opening down the middle of your fabric headband. Pick a side to sew on thinking about the color thread you use. This created channel is where you slide the metal headband into. You can do this by measuring and marking 2 lines centered 5/8" down the middle of your headband piece using an air erase pen. 

My friend found it easier to create a second pattern piece as a template for the 5/8" channel lines. To do this copy your first pattern piece but make it  1/4" smaller all around. Now cut a 5/8 seam down the middle of the pattern. You then lay this pattern on top of your fabric headband and use the cut opening to trace your 5/8" line with an air erase pen.

Sew along the marked channel lines using a small stitch.

Slip your metal headband in and sew the 3/4" open end closed.

You can buy the plain metal bands at the dollar store, or here: 


When you want to reverse the fabric on the headband you can easily flip the fabric over. You do not flip the metal headband.


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Valentine's Day Web Finds

Here are some fun Valentine's day Web finds. 

Crochet some valentines.

Cute heart sequin clip ons and pin.

Printable valentine tags. Perfect for treat bags.

Gotta love this.

Put cookies in a mailbox.

Adorable valentines banner. 

Add some love to your sweater.


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Here's a lttle video about Nerium:

If you'd like more info just click on http://craftingrebellion.theneriumlook.com/cp/129 and drop me an email.

Or try it worry free. If you don't absolutely love your results at the end of the month, just return it! Click on www.craftingrebellion.nerium.com  and  select purchase NeriumAD.

Archetypes, who are you?

I recently read a fun book Archetypes, who are you? by Caroline Myss. The basic premise is that we are all born with a certain fingerprint characteristic. It is in our inherent nature to gravitate toward certain things. The book is a modern take on Carl Jung's theories. The problem is sometimes we lose our fingerprint as we grow older, trying to be, and live, like someone we are not. I thought the book was a great reminder to celebrate, and nurture who you really are. 

There is also a fun sister site www.archetypeme.com  where you  can take a little quiz to discover your Archetypes. Once you take the quiz you have your own personal archetype page where they post daily articles based on your interests. It's a very creative, and visually interesting site, and it's free. Check it out and take your archetype quiz!

I also wanted to share this great Alan Watt's video as a reminder to be true to yourself, and encourage your children to do the same.


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Hoop La La Valentine's Day Card

I am in a scrapbooking club, where I met my friend Stephanie who sells Stampin' Up products. They have some really cute stamp sets. I picked up this Hoop La La cross stitch stamp set, and made some Valentine's Day cards with it. This card is easy to make:

Stamp the hoop onto white card stock using burgundy ink.

Stamp the heart using the same ink.

Stamp the needle and thread over top of the heart using black ink.

Trim your card stock and layer over decorative paper attaching to a card with tape runner.

Attach a ribbon (tie a bow first) using tape runner.

                                                   Hoop La La Clear-Mount Stamp Set

You can order your own stamp set (clear, or wood), just click on my friends link below and click on shop.


I have a confession to make, I am not aging gracefully. I don't feel old, but when I look in the mirror I am seeing the years. Being in my 40's, a lover of sun, and years of no quality skin care has sadly caught up with me. For those of you who are looking for a skin cream that can produce results, please read on. For those of you who have no desire to treat wrinkles, (ah youth I am so envious) I grant your thanks in my liberties for letting me share with my readers an important product, because it does in part fund this blog.

I was told about NeriumAD by a friend who is both well off, and smart. Being both she would have little reason to embellish the truth of her results, as earning free product would be of little consequence to her lifestyle. She was truthfully just excited to share with me her results using NeriumAD. That very same day another friend absolutely raved about it. Now I was getting interested. This particular friend had for years been under dermatologist care, and had tried just about every prescription available. It turned out this new MLM product sold to her by a friend worked far better than all the other treatments. She was actually shocked. She had in truth only bought the cream to support her friends business venture, and really did not expect results. The proof she said was easy to see. Her friend had asked her to take a "before" picture of herself with no makeup, and then another "after" picture after using the product for 10 days. She showed them to me on her iphone and it was very obvious that the product was treating her skin condition. I began to think this product may actually have merit, because what company wants you to photograph yourself before and after using a product? They usually just show photographs of young models with dewey skin. Its one thing to say a product will work, but quite another to have non model customers photographing themselves. That day I became a customer, and once I saw my own results I became an Independent Brand partner. 

In between some of my craft posts I will be sharing more information about NeriumAD. The fascinating story how it was discovered, patents, 15 years of testing results, real results photos (including my own), and how to get NeriumAD for free. Just like my friends I wanted to share this product because of how it has worked on my skin. 

Take a moment to check out my Nerium page at http://www.nerium.com/default.aspx?ID=craftingrebellion and watch the video learn more about the product, and of course email me at craftingrebellion@gmail.com with any questions you may have!


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Baby Dresser Card

Todays card project idea is by Melissa Tom. Melissa is a very talented paper crafter who is in the same scrapbook club I am. Melissa loves her Silhouette Cameo and has been really encouraging me to use mine. When I saw Melissa's baby dresser card I knew I wanted to go home and immediately make my own. The fun thing about this project is how many different looks you can create just by switching your paper. Melissa used brown craft paper for her dresser and it really made the colors of the onesie and fabric pop. I chose patterned papers for a more hand painted dresser look. Melissa was also super clever by making drawers for the dresser shape. Just by adding the 3d drawers it took the design to another level. If there was one thing this project taught me about using my Cameo, is how easy it is to make these subtle changes to designs. The machine really is amazing, and fun, and I am looking forward to many more great projects to come. 

For this Project you will need:

Silhouette Cameo machine

Scrapbook or card stock paper

Blank card


Pop dots

Tape Runner

Small piece of scrap fabric

Download the Dresser image (#9811) from the Silhouette store. Decide on the size of your dresser based on how large you want your card. I cut mine to fit on a 6.5" x 5" card.

Draw a Rectangle inside the dresser for a drawer. Using the shape of the dresser as a guide for how big to make your rectangle. Copy and paste two more so that you have 3 drawers.

Move the rectangles off the dresser so they cut separately.

Download a hanger shape (#19300) and a onesie shape. 
*I already had a onesie card downloaded so I simply erased the other half of the onesie card. 

Keep the dresser shape on the screen when you add the hanger and onesie shapes so that you can size the shapes to fit onto the dresser. 

Once your have your pieces sized up remove the dresser from the screen and cut the hanger in a different paper color than the dresser. Copy and paste more than one hanger if you plan on creating additional cards.

Next cut the onesie in different colored paper than the dresser and the hanger. Again copy and paste multiple onesies if you want to create additional cards.

Add decorative brads to the dresser drawer rectangles to create drawer pulls.

Use pop dots to attach the drawers to the dresser. 

Use tape runner to attach the onesie and hanger to the dresser.

Cut a small piece of matching scrap fabric and tape runner sticking from outside the bottom drawer.

Attach a piece of decorative card stock to your blank card, and add your dresser.


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Happy New Year & Influenza B

Sadly I did not get to all of my holiday posts this year (including the rest of our scrapbook clubs beautiful tags) because my family was hit with the flu. We got Influenza B. Let me tell you it is one nasty flu bug. I wanted to pass on info about Influenza B for a couple of reasons. First it is not in the flu shot this year. Normally Influenza A and B are mixed into the shot. This year B was left out. So just because you got the flu shot, does not mean you cannot get the flu. Also, if you know the symptoms of Influenza B and contract it, hopefully you can get in and get swabbed to start on Tamiflu (the flu medication) right away. In order to be effective Tamiflu must be taken within 48 hours of flu symptoms. I was the only one in my family who was able to get on it, as I was the last to get it. I just read that many states including Utah and Wyoming are reporting heavy Influenza B activity. So do yourself a favor if you are suddenly taken with chills, sore throat, and a nagging cough and head over to an urgent care and get swabbed for influenza. If you catch it quick enough Tamiflu will lessen the severity and duration of it. Now I am happy to report on New Years day that we are feeling so much better! I hope none of you have to suffer through the flu this year. Just in case you do start to feel icky, and are not sure if it might be influenza here are the list of symptoms: 

The list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for Influenza B includes the 19 symptoms listed below:
Heres to a healthy and happy new year!


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